Grandparent’s Day Activity – Ideas to Entertain Grandma & Grandpa

Kids with GrandparentsGrandparent’s Day is approaching quickly, and you might want to take some time to consider possible activities to fill the day with fun for all generations.  There are a number of activities and outings that might make for the perfect way to honor those who have had a big impact on your life and the lives of your children.  Armed with a good understanding of the activities that would appeal to the grandparents being honored, you can make a wise decision on how to best treat them to a day of fun.

Dining Out

There are few occasions that aren’t made more special by enjoying a meal together in a favorite restaurant or diner.  Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, dining out can provide everyone a good meal, wonderful company, the perfect grandparent gift and an opportunity to say “we love you” and “thanks for all that you do.”

Arts and Crafts

For grandparents and kids that enjoy a little bit of creative activity, arts and crafts can be an excellent way for all to have some fun together doing something that is not overly physically demanding, but does provide for an excellent shared memory.  Consider a project like paint your own pottery, outdoor paintings, or even choose to take in a live play, so you can enjoy other people’s creative abilities.  Be creative in thought and be creative in action, so you can make the grandparents feel honored and special on their day this year.

Fall Fun

Grandparent’s Day was made an official national holiday by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.  The date to choose was obviously a consideration.  Because grandparents are considered to be in the “autumn” years of life, it was decided that Grandparent’s Day would take place in the fall.  So, each first Sunday after Labor Day, we honor the elder generation of our families.  Because, this date hits during autumn, there are many fall-friendly activities that might be chosen to spend some time with grandparents.

Some ideas might include visiting a pumpkin farm to pick your own pumpkins, taste some delicious fall treats, and maybe even get a picture with a giant pumpkin-headed scarecrow.  Carving Jack O’Lanterns can also be an excellent group activity that will lead to wonderful memories and photo-taking possibilities.  Finally, if none of that sounds appealing, you might instead consider a fall walk to take in the colors, smells, and feel of autumn.

Moving Outdoors

With a date early enough in fall to still be enjoying some nice weather, so perhaps the very best way to enjoy Grandparent’s Day is with a day outdoors.  Light the grill, pound out the patties, mix up the greens and prepare for a barbecue in the backyard.  Set up at a picnic table or spread out on a large blanket, a picnic can be a great way to share some delicious grandparent's day treats, fun stories, and to make some new memories.

Follow up the delicious meal with some fun outdoor games that could make use of the backyard.  Some of those games might be bocce ball, ring toss, ladder ball, kickball, or croquet.  Try to choose activities that all members of the family are able to participate, to ensure that this Grandparent’s Day is extra special for all involved.

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