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Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas From A Group

Published June 07, 2007        by Kim

If you work in an office or have a group of friends that want to go in and buy a shower gift for the new baby, here are some great ideas.  Many baby items can be quite pricey for gift-givers to buy on their own.  However by pooling your money, you can purchase some of the more expensive items without breaking the bank.  These days many parents have a baby gift registry somewhere like Target or Kids R' Us.  Normally, the registry store is included in the shower invitation.  If not, just ask the shower hostess if the parents-to-be are registered somewhere.  Baby registries make selecting an appropriate and useful gift much easier.  In addition most of these registries will have price breakdowns so that you can select a gift based on how much money your group has pooled together.  Of course if your group has something in mind that isn't on the list, don't feel that you must buy from the registry.  No matter what your group decides to give the parents-to-be, it will be greatly appreciated.

Consider a high-ticket baby gear item such as a stroller or high chair as your group baby gift.  When it comes to strollers, there are many choices ranging from lightweight to jogging to Bugaboo strollers and more.  High chair selections seem to be just as complicated these days.  Choices include contemporary, space-saving, wooden high chairs and more.  When it comes to baby gear, we recommend checking the registry, relying on the opinion of Moms in the group or visiting a site such as the Baby Center Store which has recommendations and a parent's picks section.

Cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables and bassinets are also great group baby gifts. There are many styles and color choices for baby furniture so make sure that you coordinate with someone that knows the parents-to-be well.  You don't want to buy something that they already have or something that doesn't match the nursery.  Most parents have a theme and color scheme in mind so if you can manage to wrangle that information out of the parents without ruining the surprise, furniture would be an excellent gift to give from the group.  Again, we recommend visiting baby gift sites such as the Baby Center Store to get furniture opinions.

Finally, consider giving the parents-to-be a housecleaning or diaper service gift certificate.  New parents can utilize any gift that will save them time.  Parents need to spend free time sleeping rather than cleaning house or washing diapers.