Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

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Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Plan The Best Halloween Baby Shower Ever!

If you are lucky enough to be planning a baby shower this fall, then you can consider a fun Halloween theme. Whether you choose to go with a simple black and orange color scheme or a Little Pumpkin theme, the Mummy-to-be and the guests will be impressed with your creativity.

The great news is that many online and local party shops have started making decorations, invitations, cheap favors, and tableware that is specifically suited for a Halloween baby shower.

In this post, I've tried to give you ideas and tips for every aspect of the shower and I've included lots of resource links so that you can plan the Best Halloween Baby Shower Ever!

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Halloween Themed Shower Invitations

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

When it comes to the baby shower invitations, you have lots of options. Many online companies sell fully personalized invites that arrive at your door fully printed so you simply address the envelopes and send them out. The invites shown to the right are available from Lil' Duck Duck. The other main option for those of you that want to purchase invites is to buy fill-in invitations that coordinate with your tableware and Halloween theme. You must fill in the date, event details, location, and time which can make for a busy schedule, but these invites are cheaper than fully personalized ones.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or the crafty type, making your own Halloween invites can be fun (although time-consuming). One option is to buy Halloween themed letterhead paper to make and print the invites on your own personal computer. Another option is to use orange construction paper to create pumpkin shaped invitations. Find a pumpkin pattern online if you aren't a great artist. Use some green ribbon to dress up the pumpkin and hand-write the shower details on the invite before sending them out to guests.

Further down in this post, you can find the adorable Little Pumpkin baby shower personalized invitations that are available from All About Gifts & Baskets. I love these invites because they have a motif where a little Caucasian or African American baby is sitting inside a pumpkin. They are sooooo cute! Be sure to check out their baby shower themes page for lots of great ideas for a little pumpkin shower and more.

Halloween Shower Invites from Amazon

Halloween & Pumpkin Themed Decorations

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

When it comes to decorating for a Halloween baby shower, think black, orange, and pumpkins. At both online and at local retailers, you can find strings of pumpkin lights as well as black and orange streamers this time of year. I also love using large orange paper lanterns or tissue balls to hang from the ceiling. You can even add jack o'lantern faces to the paper lanterns to make them more festive for a pumpkin themed shower. Additionally, I suggest using various sized pumpkins all over the venue as decorations.

As for the baby shower tableware (napkins, plates, beverage cups), I always think that it is best to choose something that coordinates perfectly with your overall shower theme. That may lead you to choose a simple array of black and orange plates, napkins, etc. or you may choose to go with a pumpkin themed party kit. Either way, the tableware and decorations should have the same overall theme and color scheme.

If you check out the Polaroid photo below, you'll see one of my favorite baby shower centerpiece ideas for a Halloween or pumpkin themed baby shower. Basically, a couple of pumpkins were painted and embellished with pacifiers to create adorable pumpkin babies. How cute would that be on the buffet table!!

Cute Baby Pumpkin Centerpiece Idea

Cute Baby Pumpkin Centerpiece Idea

Halloween Themed Tableware from Amazon

Halloween "Creepy Characters" Paper Plates (8 3/4") - 8 cnt

Halloween "Creepy Characters" Paper Plates (8 3/4") - 8 cnt

buy from amazon

 Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Cake Central Halloween Cake

When it comes to food for a Halloween themed baby shower, think pumpkin! There are so many great recipes available online that incorporate pumpkins. If you are planning on serving a main course or appetizers, consider things like sage and pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin soup, spinach stuffed pumpkins, and of course, roasted pumpkin seeds. You can find lots of tasty pumpkin recipes at AllRecipes.com.

Image: Cake Central

When it comes to the desserts, the options for a Halloween shower are endless. You could set up a veritable buffet of pumpkin desserts featuring one of my favorites - pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and walnuts, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin rolls. Additionally, you can use pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters to turn ordinary cookies and brownies into fun jack o' lanterns.

NOTE - cookie cutters are a great way to make pumpkin shaped finger sandwiches or orange jello-jigglers for the party as well. Of course, most traditional shower guests will be expecting a baby shower cake so check out the the step-by-step video shown below for instructions on making a jack o' lantern cake. You can always order up a Halloween themed cake like the one shown in the photo to the right from a local bakery.

How To Make A Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Halloween Cake Decoration Accessories & Pans

Make the expectant Mummy some Mummy cupcakes!

Halloween Shower Games & Activities

One of my favorite shower games for a younger crowd is to have a Halloween tummy painting contest. It is a great way to get the expectant "mummy" to show off her baby bump and to get the other guests involved. You'll need to buy a bunch of hypo-allergenic face or body paint for this activity and be sure to have lots of brushes and painting materials on hand. Have the guests pair up and then give each group 10 to 15 minutes to paint the tummies of one another with a Halloween motif. At the end of the timed period, have everyone vote on which person has the best looking tummy to determine the winner. This game can be hilarious with the right crowd. You'll get a wide variety of paintings from sweet and cute pumpkin babies to scary and ghoulish jack o' lanterns to witches.

Another interactive Halloween activity is painting pumpkin themed onesies for the Mommy-to-be. You need to buy each guest a onesie to paint and of course lots of fabric paint. Ask guests to paint a pumpkin or Halloween theme on their onesie. Some cute sayings that can be incorporated are "Princess Pumpkin", Mommy's Lil' Pumpkin, Daddy's Little Pumpkin Pie, Happy Halloween, Mummy's Boy, Nana's Little Pumpkin, etc.

One of my other favorite games is pumpkin bowling where you set up a "bowling" lane and use empty 2 liter bottles or plastic pins as the target. Guests then roll small pumpkins to see who can get a strike. The mis-shapenness of the pumpkins make this game unpredictable.

And free printable baby shower games like word scrambles, trivia, baby bingo, and more are always a big hit at showers so be sure to check those out!

Halloween Baby Shower Favors

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower favors are a detail that sometimes fall through the cracks when planning a shower so I wanted to include some suggestions on ways to thank the guests at a Halloween baby shower. The great thing about this shower theme is that you have tons of options based both on the holiday and the season. Fall is a great time to hand out small pumpkin or maple scented candles, small jars or maple syrup, or autumn leaf-shaped soaps as favors to your guests.

In addition, I love giving home-baked goodies out to guests as favors. You can use cookie cutters shaped like pumpkins, bats, or ghosts to make cut-out cookies or brownies. Simply wrap them up in plastic wrap or a clear cellophane bag and tie with black or orange curling ribbon. To make the party favors extra special, add a personalized hang tag that features the Mom's name along with the shower or due date of the baby. You can make these yourself or purchase them online.

Another great option is to buy personalized baby shower favors that feature Mom's name and the shower date online. Candy bar wrappers, jars of lip balm or hand lotion, and pumpkin-shaped soaps are all available at Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets. They feature the little pumpkin African American or Caucasian baby design shown further up in this lens.

Halloween Themed Favors & Bags

Halloween Themed Baby Giftshalloween baby diaper cake

One of my all time favorite baby shower Halloween gifts is a themed diaper cake like the one shown in the Polaroid photo (courtesy of Lil Baby Cakes). The reason I love diaper cakes so much is because they do double duty as the shower centerpiece and as a gift for the expectant Mom. And you know this is one baby gift that she'll definitely use - after all, what Mom couldn't use a few more diapers.

I particularly like the baby's first Halloween bear, the jack o' lantern bell ornament and the beautiful black and white polka dot ribbon used to create this fun Halloween cake!

Other fun baby gifts for a Halloween themed shower include onesies (e.g. Grandma's Little Pumpkin), bibs (e.g. I Luv Mummy), and rompers (e.g. Little Monster) embellished with all things Halloween like those shown from CafePress below. Additional ideas are ghost booties, large ghost-shaped pillows, and bat-shaped rattles!

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