Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween is for kids and kids at heart.  This is the perfect time to break out your silly, creepy, funny, scary, and crafty sides.  From ghouls and spiders to pumpkins and candy, you can find crafts that will fit the tricker or treater in your home.  Here are some ideas to get you into the Halloween spirit.

If you are looking for a craft that doesn’t involve bending pipe cleaners, gluing small pompoms, folding, cutting, or other more complex craft skills, the handprint spider is perfect for you and your younger child.  You will need:

  • Black tempera, poster, or finger paint
  • Paper
  • Wiggly eyes
handprint spider
Image by Housingaforest.com

Begin by painting your child’s palm and four fingers black. Don’t paint the thumb.  The palm will be half of the spider’s body, and the four fingers will be half of its legs.  Guide your child’s hand to the paper and press down with the fingers pointing out.  Paint the other hand and do the same thing on the other side, overlapping the palm prints.  Now you should have a big black body with eight wiggly legs.  Add your wiggly eyes, and you have a quick, fun, and appropriately messy project.  You can hang the spider up for a great decoration.

The next two crafts come from AmazingMoms and are great for holding Halloween treats, particularly if you are having a party.  The first is simply a pumpkin goody bag.  You’ll need:

  • Orange tempera or finger paint
  • Green tempera or finger paint
  • Brown lunch bag

Help your child paint his palm orange, and then guide it to the paper bag and press.  Wash up, and then paint his index finger green.  Press to make the stem, and then again to do the leaves.  After the paint dries, he can draw on a jack-o-lantern face if he wants.  And there you have a very easy, very inexpensive treat bag or party favor.  You could also make a treat bag using the black spider described above.

The next is a great decoration as well as treat holder.  It is made using a regular clay pot. You’ll need:

  • Terracotta clay pot (any size is fine)

    pumpkin pot
    Image by ShakenTogetherLife.com
  • Clay drainage dish that goes under the pot
  • Wooden ball
  • Acrylic paint
  • Raffia or ribbon

Flip the drainage dish over (this will be the top of the pumpkin) and begin by painting it and the pot orange.  The wooden ball is going to be the stem, so paint that green.  Let the pot, drainage dish, and ball dry.  Next, glue the ball onto the drainage dish, and then put the dish on top of the pot.  Use green or black paint to make lines from top to bottom all the way around the pot – these are the grooves that pumpkins have.  Finally, it’s time to decorate your pumpkin.  Paint your scary or friendly face.  Wrap a piece of raffia or ribbon around the wooden ball stem and make a bow.  You’re done!  All you need to do now is fill them with treats.

For a spooky good time, AllKidsNetwork has a great template for a lift-the-flap haunted house.  This is fun to make and fun to look at.  You will need the two templates you can find here – or you could always make your own house with ghouls and ghosts that you create on your own.  Check these out to get your ideas flowing though and for directions.

You can find great ideas all over the internet.  This is the time to let your imagination go wild!

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