Halloween Decorating Ideas - Inside and Out

Interior Halloween Decorations

This Halloween, make your house the scariest on the block! Halloween is one of the biggest yard decorating holidays of the year. Here are a few decorating ideas to draw the trick or treaters in! They won't know what to expect - a trick or a treat - when they creep up to your door!

Don't forget to decorate the inside of your home as well. I have also included some great interior decorating tips to make your haunted house eerily fun and festive - also perfect for a Halloween party!

Interior Halloween Decoration Ideas:

Fake Cobwebs - You can buy bags of fake cobwebs at local party supply stores. These days they come in various colors, but we personally use the white ones to make them look a bit more realistic. Use them on corners, trees and around door frames.  One bag goes a long way - they really stretch!  A small black plastic spider is usually included in each bag of webbing, but buy some extras so that you can have several spiders 'crawling' on each web.

Bloody Hand prints & Footprints - Many companies sell sets of window clings that look like blood spatter and bloody hand prints and/or footprints. Place some across your front porch to send a chill through guests' bones!

Reusable Jack O'Lanterns - Realistic-looking foam pumpkins are available with sizes ranging from small to gigantic. They are worth the money as you will be able to use them for many years to come.  Most plug in to outlets with a small lightbulb inside.

Candles & Holders - Place candles throughout the house for an eerie evening effect. If you are using real flame candles, be sure to keep an eye on them so that they don't burn down too far creating a fire hazard.

Spooky Music - No haunted Halloween house is complete without scary music playing, so be sure to buy a Halloween themed CD featuring organ music, blood curdling screams and shrieks.

Exterior Halloween Decorations

Exterior Halloween Decorating Ideas:

Lighting - Many spooky lighting kits and accessories are available at stores near you. Lights can be used to set the mood for the yard - from scary to fun.  To create a really frightening haunted house feel, replace all your outdoor lights with black lights then create spotlights on your decorations for eerie effect.

Tombstone Graveyard - Transform your front yard into a graveyard! You can either purchase vinyl or wood tombstones at a local party store or you can make them yourself if you are crafty. The best thing about making them yourself is that you can create interesting shapes and funny epitaphs and scary names like Rob DeGrave or Miss N. Cranium. This can be a fun project to do as a family.  I recommend that you place the tombstones in the yard and if possible add some mounds of sand in rectangular shapes (like you might see at a freshly dug grave in a real graveyard). Then place the fencing around the outside and add a grim reaper or crypt keeper motion sensitive Halloween monster for the ultimate graveyard!

Half-Buried Monsters - Many online Halloween gift and party companies and party supply shops sell the ground torsos or head and hand sets that light up for a great effect in the dark. You can also find light-up skeletons that are meant to be half-buried as well. Place them along the sidewalk or driveway where the party guests or trick-or-treaters will be walking up to your house.

Motion Activated Decorations - There's nothing scarier than walking past a decoration that looks harmless, but then it starts moving or making noise!  Check your local stores for a variety of scary decorations that sense when someone is walking near.

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