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Halloween Decorations for the Yard

Published July 31, 2007        by Nicole

Halloween has become the second most popular yard decoration season of the year (behind the Christmas holiday). So make your house the scariest or most inviting house in the neighborhood this holiday season with these fun yard decoration tips. The kids will love stopping by your fun or scary home on Halloween night for some tricks, treats or little Halloween gifts. So go all out no matter what theme you choose!

Fake tombstones. Turn your front yard or flower bed into an eerie graveyard with tombstones. If you don't have a flower bed, it is a good idea to mound up a pile of dirt in the yard if you have enough room. You can either ‘buy' fake tombstones constructed from wood or vinyl online or at a local party supply shop or if you are creative, make your own. Just buy some plywood or styrofoam, cut it in the shape of classic or fancy cross tombstones, add a stake to the bottom (so they can be pushed in the ground) and paint them with gray paint. You can add scary names like Rob DeGrave or Miss N. Cranium using black paint or make up some funny epitaphs for each tombstone.

Half-buried monsters. When you want to give the kids a bit of a scare, put some half-buried monsters along the edge of the driveway or walkway. You can buy creatures like skeletons or Frankenstein at party shops. Usually they come as a set with a head (that can sometimes be lit with batteries), 2 hands and 2 feet. Each body part has a stake to hold it in the ground so just put them in place and then use some of those fallen tree leaves to cover around the edges of the body parts. This will hide the stakes and create a scary feel as though the monsters are rising from the ground.

Fog machine. Adding fog can create the eerie and scary feeling that goes right along with Halloween. Just buy one of these machines online, but remember you'll need access to electricity wherever you are planning to create a layer of fog. Most machines come with the glycol ‘fog fluid'. What a great addition to your front porch or graveyard.

Motion activated decorations. Decorations such as ghosts, witches and monsters can be innocently sitting or hanging around your porch and yard, but an electronic eye or sound activated technology make them come ‘alive' as people approach or talk. Many of these decorations will light up, shake or even shriek when activated. What a great way to give the neighborhood kids a little scare!

Lighting. When you just want to dress up your house for Halloween without all the scary antics, you can use some festive holiday lights to give your house a beautiful glow. From strings of pumpkins or skeletons to orange rope lighting, the possibilities for Halloween lighting are endless. You can also buy ‘can' lights at your local Home Improvement store to uplight hanging ghosts, fake cobwebs or spiders that you have strategically placed on your porch.