Halloween Party Food Ideas

When you throw the big Halloween costume bash this year, make the food as fun as the party with these ideas. Your friends will think you are oh so ingenious.

1. Scary Halloween Molds. Many party supply stores carry molds such as brains and hands that can be used to enhance the scary theme of the party.  For instance, you can fill the hand molds with red punch, freeze them and float them in the punch bowl to keep the punch cold at the party. It is better to have the actual party punch not be red so that the bloody looking hands are noticeable. Another common shape is a brain mold. Put a few drops of red food coloring in the bottom of the mold to create red veins and then put in flesh colored Jello like Peach. Let it set up in the refrigerator and flip it onto a serving plate for an eerie, shaky party brain. At adult parties, you could make the brain like Jello shooters where you add vodka or rum to the Jello instead of water when mixing it up.

2. Apple cheese ball. Since October is apple season, an apple-shaped cheese ball would be a nice addition to any Halloween party. Buy some shredded mild or sharp cheddar and mix in just enough flavored or plain cream cheese to allow you to form a ball shape. Form the cheese into an apple shape that is slightly larger on top and smaller on the bottom, wrap it in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for at least a few hours to firm up.  Just before the party starts, roll the ball of cheese in red paprika so that it is completely covered. To make the apple look a bit more realistic, stick in a cinnamon stick to form the stem and a few bay leaves on the top of the cheese ball. Place it in the middle of a serving platter and surround it with gourmet crackers for a great appetizer at your big Halloween bash.

3. Spider web cupcakes.  When you are looking for a quick, easy and festive dessert, these cupcakes are the answer. Buy a chocolate, apple spice or pumpkin cake mix and make 24 cupcakes using Halloween themed cupcake liners (you can buy these at the grocery store too). Frost the cupcakes with a tub of fluffy white or cream cheese frosting. Then, either use a tube of black decorating gel or a tub of white frosting that you color with black food coloring to make the webs on top of the cupcakes. If you make your own black icing, put it in a plastic sealable storage bag, cut off a tiny angled corner of the bag bottom, and squeeze the frosting out to decorate. Basically, you put a dot of black icing in the center of the cupcake and then draw concentric circles around it. Then, take a toothpick and drag it from the center of the cupcake to the edge (like you are cutting a piece of pie). If you do this 6 or 8 times around the cupcake, you will form what looks like spider webs. You can optionally add a plastic black spider to the top of each cupcake.  

Your imagination is the only limit on creating fun and scary Halloween party food. Just poke around online for some other great Halloween recipes and you'll be all set to throw the best Halloween party your friends have ever attended. And if you are going to a party, remember to bring the host and hostess a little Halloween thank you gift for inviting you to their party.

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