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Published October 29, 2007        by Nicole

I wind, I wind, my true love to find, The color of his hair, the clothes he will wear, The day he is married to me.

Throw a ball of yam into barn, old house, or cellar, and wind, repeating the above lines, and the true love will appear, and wind with you. To be tried at twelve o'clock on Halloween night, October 31.

An old lady of eighty told me that in her youth this was tested by a girl. Some one knowing she was going to make the test hid himself in the barn, and when the proper time came called out, "Timothy B." - the name of a man very much disliked by the girl, who was in love with her. She, thinking he had really appeared, and believing from the sign or project that she would have to marry him, became very ill, and only began to recover when they assured her he was not really there.

Cut up two alphabets, put them face down in water at night; then those that are turned over in the morning are the initials of the one you will marry. [try at midnight] October 31.

To Foil a Witch

If a witch should be witch you, she will probably appear to you next time as an animal. Shoot the animal with a silver bullet if you desire to injure the witch.

Lumbermen wrap themselves in fresh deerskin to keep off witches.

Any witch or ghost may be destroyed by merely asking them what they want of you.

To frighten witches away, sprinkle salt around the house.

Your milk will be hard to chum if witches are in it. To get rid of them set the chum in a chimney corner and whip the milk with a switch or drop a dime in the chum.


Some people are very much afraid of the will-o'-the-wisp, or ignis fatuus. They believe that on a dark night it leads its victim, who is obliged to follow, either in the river, where they drown, or in bushes of thorns, which tear them to pieces, the jack-o'-lantern exclaiming all the time, "Aïe, aïe, mo gagnin tot" - "Aïe, aïe, I have you."

The old person who was speaking to me of the ignis fatuus told me that he was born with a caul, and that he saw ghosts on All Saints' Day. He also added he often saw a woman without a head, and he had the gift of prophecy.