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Handmade Christmas Candle Gifts

Published December 22, 2014        by Matt

handmade candle gifts for Christmas

How to Make Homemade Candles

Maybe you're looking to save a few dollars this Christmas or maybe you just love to craft. Either way, you can make holiday gifts this year that are better than anything you could buy in the store.

The appeal of the handmade gift is universal. Since the beginning of Christmas celebrations, handmade and heartfelt gifts have been the tradition. So, step back from consumer frenzy and make a batch of homespun gifts this year.

Homemade Candles

Beautiful & Scented

Handmade Christmas candles

One thing that's always a crowd pleaser for inexpensive holiday gifts is a homemade candle. You can save containers all year or buy them before the holidays to make poured candles. The wax, scents, and wicks along with everything else you might need is all found at craft stores. You can buy candle jars there, but it's almost better if you re-purpose some fun jars and containers.

As long as they are heat-resistant enough to hold wax, you should be fine. Just make sure your container is flame retardant and don't use any loose rope or floral decor that could catch fire.

Image courtesy of OakleyOriginals on Flickr

 Handmade Christmas Candle Gifts

Making Wax

How to make candle gifts

Easy Enough

Start with melting the wax in an appropriate pan or container. Craft stores sell a pitcher designed for melting wax. You can use it on a hotplate in your craft room or on a stove, just be very careful!

You melt and then pour from the same jug so there's no mess. Wax comes in large blocks at the craft store.

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY


Make it Pretty

Consider what you'd like to include in your candles as far as embellishments and pretty decor. This is a great time to make the candle unique and beautiful.

You might want to throw in some rosebuds or rose petals or pine branch pieces for the holidays. Or you might choose to leave the wax as is.

Lemon slices and other dried fruits and nuts look pretty in candles. Just be sure they are dried out so they don't rot inside the wax.

How to Make Candles - See it done

Choosing a Scent

How to make candle gifts

Smelling Good

Once you have your idea of the inclusions, pick a scent. You can go with pine for the holidays, peppermint, rose, orange, or any fragrance you think your recipients will like.

Scents are available in the soap and candle-making aisle at craft stores and you can also find essential oils at health food stores usually as well.

Just be sure to ask them if what you're buying is okay to use in candle-making.

Image by ecram1 on Flickr

Adding the Wick

The Key to a Candle

Place your wick in the jar. Most wicks come with a metal bottom that you can anchor down before pouring the wax. If you're using a spool of wax that doesn't have the metal plate, just tie a length around a pencil and place it over the top of your candle container.

Add any scent you've chosen into the melted wax. You don't want to try to add it after the candle is poured or hardened. It has to mix through the wax or it won't scent the whole candle. Also add any color at this time.

Finishing Touches

To Your Homemade Candle

How to make candle gifts

Pour your candles after arranging any inclusions in the jar. You can also put additional pieces on top of the candle once it's poured.

Leave your candles to set in a place where they won't be knocked over. If you have used a container you're going to give the candle in, you're done.

If you used a mold, separate the mold and take out the candle gently. Trim the wick and you've got yourself a wonderful home made item for a holiday gift basket!

Image courtesy of ecram1 on Creative Commons

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