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Have a Candlelit Dinner at Home

Published January 16, 2010        by Rae Ann

Candlelit Dinner

If you have some cooking skills, a candlelit dinner is a great surprise and one that your sweetheart is sure to appreciate. For a memorable night, make something that you know your significant other really likes. You can even create a theme around the type of food they like.  If it's seafood they love, you could add accents to the table with decorative beach candles, real seashells and maybe some ocean sound CD's playing in the background.  Other theme ideas could be:

- Mexican Food - Accent with rich orange, yellow, red and green colors.  Terra Cotta pots could hold fresh flowers.  Use Chili Peppers to accent your dinner table.

- Asian Food - Cherry Blossom Accents add a romantic touch to your dinner.Valentine Cheesecake Have a Candlelit Dinner at Home

- Italian Food - Grape vines set a mood for your Italian dinner.  Wine and Cheese are also a great choice.  Play authentic Italian music in the background.

If you're not the best cook, you could always order take-out and sill serve it on your table for 2.

For dessert anything heart-shaped will do!  How about a Valentine cheesecake? Our two pound cheese cake says "Happy Valentine's Day" on top and is garnished with a Red Marzipan Rose. The Chocolate fudge and Raspberry Swirl cheesecake features a chocolate cookie crust, while the NY style has a classic graham cracker crust.

1 thought on “Have a Candlelit Dinner at Home”

  1. We have opted for special dinners at home for years now. We used to go out to dinner right on the day, but found it was way too crowded, and because of the heavy volume of people, the food was not all that good.

    So now we have a quiet dinner at home and make something special. It's a very nice time.

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