Having a Baby Shower for Grandma

grandma Having a Baby Shower for GrandmaGrandparents are an essential part in baby’s life. Mom and Dad shouldn’t get all the fun of the baby shower. Grandma deserves something special too, especially if this is her first grandbaby. Planning a baby shower for Grandma is as easy as it is fun, and this quick guide can help.

Who To Invite

The best people to attend Grandma’s baby shower are her closest friends and family members. You generally want contemporaries at this baby shower, not the Mom-to-be who might compete for the attention. Friends and neighbors are great to invite, and if there are siblings here and there, they’re great invites too. Generally Grandma-showers aren’t co-ed, but there’s no reason you can’t make them that way if you choose.

What To Do

A shower for Grandma can be just as much fun as a shower for the younger set. While you can certainly choose a theme if you like, you don’t have to, as the theme can be fairly low key. For the invitations, you could do something as simple as baby feet or even an ultrasound picture of the baby. Going with a picture of a traditional Grandma is a good idea too.

The menu for this party can consist of appetizers and dessert items. There’s no reason to do a full menu or even a whole cake for Grandma. Instead, going with mini cupcakes from a local bakery or even a delicious cake pop display is a great way to accomplish the same goal. Fruit kabobs, muffins, cookies, or even tea sandwiches are always good choices. Choose coffee and punch or even something as simple as bottled water.

Games can be all kinds of fun at a Grandma shower. You could have a dress up contest to see who can put on an old granny outfit you found at the thrift store quickest. You could also do the standard advice game, giving Grandma the advice she’ll need to be the best grandma ever. You may also want to gather baby-objects that are fairly recent additions to the scene and see who can identify the most.

One special touch at any Grandma shower is a taped message from Mom or Dad-to-be telling Grandma just how important Grandma will be in the new baby’s life. It’s a touching addition that will make the entire party a bit more memorable.

What To Give

You want to get Grandma’s house ready for the baby, so there are all kinds of gifts to give, especially if there haven’t been children in the house for some time. You’ll want to consider baby safety products like gates, cabinet latches, outlet safety covers, and even cushy corners for those sharp things in Grandma’s house. If Grandma will be babysitting or having the new little on overnight on a regular basis, there are lots of other ideas you may want to consider too. A playpen is a great choice, as is a car seat and maybe even a stroller. If Grandma will be watching the little one every single day, you may even want to consider a full sized crib. Think carefully about the relationship Grandma will have with the baby before you decide what to give her.

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