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Healthy Gift Ideas for Diabetics

Published April 12, 2016        by Matt

Healthy Gifts for Diabetics

There are so many holidays and celebrations that diabetics who have to watch their sugar simply miss out on.  Think about all the Valentine’s Day chocolate, the Easter candy or the Christmas cookies that many with diabetes simply have to pass on, not to mention the birthdays, graduations, retirement parties and other office celebrations where the sweet stuff comes out.  When watching your sugar matters, here are some thoughtful ways to give a gift or basket that counts to someone that's diabetic.

Perhaps you haven’t realized that people are actually passing up the gift baskets you are sending on.  If you work closely with a team of people, you likely know when someone has diabetes.  But what if you are gifting treats to a whole sales team, for instance?  What if you are sending something to a prospective client, only to discover later that the client cannot actually eat what you spent a lot of money on to impress him with?  That is a little more than a faux pas.  In situations where you aren’t actually clear as to whether people can eat sugary treats, it is probably better to go with a basket or an edible gift that is diabetic-friendly and sugar free.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Sugar-Free Brownies or Brownie Mix
  2. A gardening gift basket (to grow their own food! Of Course!)
  3. Sugar-free snack box or basket like that have a combination of savory and sweet and includes things like Pretzels, Popchips, Sugar-free candy, Peanuts and Sugar-free wafers.
  4. Olive Oil - Yep! Healthy Olive Oil!  Buy a bottle and fill it, or buy a speciality bottle from a store!
  5. Gift box full of nuts - Nuts can be delicious and healthy. Dad's love 'em!


But first, let’s just be very clear – diabetics are very tired of getting fruit in place of sweets!  It may seem like the obvious answer to helping someone with a sugar issue, but in fact, quite a few people with diabetes also have to be careful of the amount of natural sugars they are eating as well.  And fruit is loaded with natural sugars.  So before you shrug and order that fruit basket, consider that you may not actually be solving the problem.

But diabetics don't want to suffer through yet another tasteless sugar-free cookie.  After all, we have all had our share of those, and they are nothing to write home about!  The problem goes beyond the taste.  Sometimes even the packaging can turn people away from the gift-basket, because so many sugar-free treats are so unattractively packaged.

There is a stigma around sugar-free foods that has developed primarily because of packaging and taste.  So what is the solution for a gift basket?  A thoughtful mix of snacks and sweets that are deliciously friendly to folks with diabetes.

Who says that gift baskets have to just include candy or fruit?  There are plenty of delicious treats that can be arranged in an attractive basket that friendly – and tasty – to those with sugar issues.  Sugar-laden snack baskets can include popcorn, pretzels, fruit trail mix, veggies sticks, delicious apple butter and more.  Still, people will want candy.  But ensuring it is a high quality and attractive sweet treat means even people without diabetes will be dying to try it.

Imagine jelly beans and fudgy rolls – all sugar free.  There is no reason to feel left out!  And these are certainly not your grandfather’s sugar free treats.  A delicious mix of tasty, savory and sweet means everyone, including people with diabetes, can enjoy a great treat.

The next time you want to send a sugar-free gift basket, particularly if you aren’t sure about the needs of the people you are gifting, why not try a sugar-free basket?  There are lots of attractive options that are tasty and show people with diabetes how grateful you are!

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  1. Thanks sarah for this delicious treats.
    It's very useful for my dad. It's best gifts for fathers day
    Great post.

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