High School Graduation Gift Ideas 2015

High School Graduation Gift Ideas 2015
High School Graduation Gift Ideas 2015

Graduation Parties

If you are here, then the odds are, you've got a graduate in your life who has just completed the big milestone of High School. Just what do you gift this special person with? An ordinary congratulations gift just won't do in this situation!

You have to think creatively and plan a graduation gift that will be a welcomed surprise. So how do you do that? There are so many new things out there! Well here are some ideas to get you started, because it's time to give you some ideas!

Paraphrase Their Personality

Choose Something That Matches

Match your gift to the student's personality. If you have a real music fan, you might look into getting a gift card good for 1,000 song downloads for their mp3 player, or get them credits they can use for iTunes. They'll love being able to select their own songs, and your graduation gifts will go a long way as tunes are relatively cheap-usually 99 cents each. Wrap it all up with a new iPod and you're a hero.

Book gift basketFor The Book Lover

Bookworms Like Gifts Too!

For the book lover on your list, why not give them a new e-reader tucked into a nice book gift basket with gift cards for e-books?

The technology in these little machines is amazing. You can now purchase e-readers that are so much more than just electronic books. You can also browse the Internet, shop online, and send and receive email. They can also play an amazing amount of music.

The storage capabilities are vast and graduates can create their own playlists from songs they download. The machines are small enough to be stowed in a purse or backpack and your graduate will be the envy of all his friends.

Modern Grad Gift Ideas

Graduates Love Cash!

Graduation gift ideasAs Long As They're Receiving It

Another gift that is always welcome at graduation is cash, but the way you package the cash can make it fun and unique. Consider placing the cash inside a puzzle. Stores sell maze puzzles that are plastic. You insert the bills inside it then close it. The box can't be opened until the recipient solves the maze. It's usually pretty easy to complete, but a fun challenge.

You can also make a dollar tree. Get a wire form from a craft store and decorate it with dollar bills. You can find a form that's used for displaying photos that has wire arms. Attach bills to each of the arms and you'll be able to say that just this once, money does grow on trees.

Look To Their Future

Their Future's Bright - Will They Need Sunglasses?

The way to make a graduation gift unique and special is to think about what the recipient will need as they move on to the next stage of their lives. It could be that they are backpacking through Europe before college and could use a pair of hiking boots.

You could give a gift certificate that allows him or her to choose the pair they want. Perhaps they could use a great leather bag for traveling. Make a special purchase at a great leather goods store and select something you know they can't help but fall in love with.

Make it Special

A Gift Just For Them!

Graduation gifts need not be overly expensive, but they should be very thoughtful. Include a card with a special graduation day quote in it or a photo of the student when they were younger. Any special touches you can add to make the day extra special and memorable for your graduate will be remembered.

Think of how you know the graduate and any special memories you've shared. Then build a gift around something that relates to those special moments. Your gift will be really heartfelt and received with much graciousness.

Laugh. Dance. Graduate.

Throwing a Grad Party

Graduation gift ideasHere's Some Tips For You!

If you're the lucky parent or guardian who is hosting the graduation party, props to you! You recognize that this is a special time in their life and it calls for celebration!

Planning a big party like this, however, can be stressful because it's a lot of work! But as long as you are organized and prepared, the process will be an easy puzzle to complete.

Here are some helpful tips on what to keep on your planner:

  • Send graduation invitations at least 4-6 weeks before the party.
  • Have a plan for food, whether you are cooking or catering in.
  • Don't forget the graduation favors or even graduation cookie favors for your guests.
  • Do you have enough tables and chairs?
  • Your guests will appreciate games or activities for the kids.
  • Do you have a restroom prepared?
  • Prepare an area to celebrate the graduate. Photos, proud moments, trophies, etc.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. ~Aristotle

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