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CR205B Corporate Food Gifts with Your LogoCorporate gifts send a message.  They should convey thanks and appreciation to employees, customers, clients, and associates, but they also send a very clear message about your business.  Is your business doing well?  Is it financially secure?  Is it tasteful and respectful?  All of this is evident from the gifts you choose.  When you want to send the best, send corporate gifts from our Maple Ridge Farms line.  When holiday gifts are elegantly arranged and feature your logo, it sends a very clear message indeed.

Corporate gifts with your logo are excellent ways to help build your brand, particularly if you are a newer business.  A gift shouldn’t be a substitute for a billboard; you don’t want to give an ad to your gift recipient!  Instead, make sure it is very subtly done.  You can, for instance, have your company logo foil-stamped and put on a ribbon that ties together a gourmet gift basket.  This is not overwhelming, tacky, or too ostentatious.  Instead, it is a very simple gesture, like the signature at the end of a letter.

How do you order one of our classy corporate gifts from the Maple Ridge Farms line?  Start by browsing through the product catalog: the easiest way to do this is to browse our Maple Ridge Farms page.  This is easy to navigate and the descriptions of the various products are complete and detailed.  When you know what you would like to order, you will see an item number below the product photo.

MR L803 Corporate Food Gifts with Your LogoWhile it is true that this is not as quick as ordering directly online, as many other manufacturers allow you to do, the quality of the products make it worth the extra step.  Simply fill out your order forms, including the shipping addresses of each recipient.  This step allows you to order with confidence and then let us do the rest, including shipping to multiple recipients at multiple locations.  This is a great feature than can save time and hassle.

If you need instructions on how to include your corporate logo or art, you can find that here.  This is an excellent feature to include on corporate gift baskets to give a more personalized appearance.  It also helps reinforce the message that your business is doing well and succeeding, however subtly.  The imprint area, or the size of the area where your logo or name will go on the gift, is stated in the product description.  For some of the gift towers, for instance, the imprint area is 3 inches x ¾ inches.

Another area in which you can leave your corporate stamp is in the card.  These gifts allow the option of choosing enclosure cards, which come in a variety of styles and designs.  You can opt to have your name and logo printed on the inside of the card for a sophisticated final touch.

Maple Ridge Farms is one of the most well-renowned gift food companies in the world, and you can purchase their gifts directly through us.  Because they deal with corporate and business gifts exclusively, they understand the intense pressure which accompanies any ordering process.  Their business is helping your business stay on schedule and on budget.  Next time you need a fantastic gift, there is no better choice than Maple Ridge Farms.

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