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Congratulate a New Homeowner with a Housewarming Gift Basket

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A great way to extend your congratulations on a friend or family member's new acquisition of a house or apartment is to give a housewarming gift basket.

If your friend and loves to watch movies, you can bet that one of the first things they are going to do is stuff their new living room with a collection of DVDs. And once they've set up their TV, you can suggest a movie marathon with your movie buff gift basket in hand. You'll have saved your friend some of the extra expenses of buying popcorn and drinks by sending a basket of movie munchies or having it delivered to the house and bringing it over yourself.

For more mature recipients, a celebratory basket with wine and wine food can be sent over so that you can have a picnic on their empty floor even before the furniture is properly unpacked.

At you can choose from a variety of themed housewarming gift baskets. Aside from movie buff goodies, there are also gift baskets for foodies and basic necessity packages for people who have just moved into a new dwelling place.

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