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How I Celebrate Veterans Day

Published November 04, 2009        by Nicole

20091104 How I Celebrate Veterans DayMy family has a long history of participation in the armed forces - my dad, grandpa, great-grandpas and countless uncles and cousins served in the Army, Navy and Marines.  My dad's best friend is currently being cared for at a VA hospital because of injuries he sustained while serving as a Green Beret in Vietnam.  I'm very proud of the military heritage in my family, and I'm grateful for the soldiers that defend my freedom every day.

Although it's not a widely celebrated holiday (except for those who are lucky enough to have the day off from work), Veterans Day holds great meaning for me.  It's a day where I reflect on family memories (Grandpa loves to tell the story of how he celebrated the end of WWII at the top of the Eiffel Tower), I stop to say a short prayer for those who are fighting overseas, and I explain to my children why there are some soldiers away from their families in order for us to keep the luxuries that we have.

To cheer up my dad's friend in the hospital, and to thank him for his dedicated service that came with life-altering results, I'm sending him this patriotic gift filled with sugar free cookies.  The cookies are acceptable for his restricted diet, and the mug will be great for his morning coffee!  I'm having the gift shipped to me since dad and I will be visiting Jerry on Veterans Day - I'll be able to hand deliver the gift and see his reaction!  That will be a perfect addition to my personal Veterans Day ritual.

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