How much to give for a Christening Gift?

Money Gifts for Christening

Is there a family member or friend in your life whose child is getting christened soon? While it’s a deep honor to be invited to such a special event, you might be wondering what you should give. That’s understandable, and we’re here to help provide some guidelines for how much to give for a christening gift!


Christening Gift Idea

Determine Your Relationship

When you look into purchasing any gift, determining your relationship with the family is a key factor. Close family members are customarily expected to give more lavish presents than a friend of the family, so considering this could help provide a starting point. With this knowledge, you can decide on a budget. As a ballpark figure, $50 is considered a very nice christening gift. If you can give more, feel free, but that provides a basis for knowing what is considered top-end. If you have a smaller budget, below $50 is perfectly acceptable.

The Number in Your Party

Has the whole family been invited to this event? Will lunch or dinner be provided? If you have a large family, this is definitely something to take into consideration when choosing a gift. Though a christening gift is in celebration of the child and not in reimbursement of food, it is good etiquette to aim higher on the gift value scale when bringing more people.

How Much Money to Give for a Christening Gift

Money Gifts for Christening


Some people may view it as a cop-out, but giving cash is truly never a bad idea. In fact, cash is often even more well-received than other gifts. As we all know, cash will give this family the opportunity to purchase anything they choose, whether it’s something fun, or fulfilling a need. If you really aren’t sure what to give, cash is always an excellent option.

Savings Bond

However, if you want to provide a monetary gift but you are looking for something more creative than cash, consider a savings bond for the child. Savings bonds are wonderful options because it’s a gift that expands with time. Once the child has grown, the bond should be much greater in value than what you have initially paid. Our only recommendation for savings bonds is to clarify the details. A low-interest rate will not gain much through the years, even after decades. It’s something to consider if you want this gift to become greater than the original value.

Christening Gift Ideas from Grandparents


If you are looking for something different than a monetary gift, keepsakes are always treasured! This is especially thoughtful to give at such a special event as a christening.

Growth Chart

Unique Gift Ideas for Christening
This child is still young, and therefore, has years to grow and change. A growth chart will most certainly be well-received! This sweet gift will capture the child through the years with a picture marking each year. This will be well-loved and looked back on with fond memories.

A Ten-Year Candle

Creative Christening Present Ideas

This gift is not only a sweet thought to watch as the years tick by, but it’s also fun! The candle is meant to last until their tenth birthday, showing the progression of time as the child ages. For every birthday, another section of the candle melts away. Any child would feel excited to watch it wax lower, symbolizing how fast they are growing up.

My First Year Photo Frame

Baptism Gift Ideas
Just like with the growth chart, this would be a very heartfelt gift to the family. The first year photo frame will capture each precious month as the child nears his or her one-year birthday. Infants grow quickly, making this a wonderful idea to catch each changing moment of the first year.


If your budget is tight and you don’t know how you’ll afford a gift and this week’s groceries, consider a DIY present. In this day and age with everyone’s love for DIYs, it certainly isn’t considered cheap. It will be well-loved, especially since the parents will know you took the time and effort to put it together yourself.

Baby Photo Frame

Gift Ideas for a Baptism
Consider giving a simple but elegant photo frame with a picture of the baby. Parents always adore seeing cute pictures of their own child, so this will be well-received. You can even bargain hunt at TJMaxx or Marshall’s to try to find a beautiful, but inexpensive frame! If you’re artsy, perhaps consider decorating it yourself with paint and stencils.

Hand-Painted Place Setting

Presents for a Christening

If you love the idea of giving this child their very own, designer place setting, consider painting one yourself to save money. At places like Color-Me-Mine, you can customize a set of dishware on your own! Perhaps add an even more personal touch with the baby’s name and christening date.

Other Pinterest Ideas

There are numerous DIY ideas for christening gifts available on Pinterest. You could design a cute bedroom sign, sew a custom pillow, decorate a handkerchief, sew a bib, make an ornament, and more!

Religious Gifts

If you are religious, you might consider giving a gift in accordance with the family’s faith. This will be a sweet touch to show that you realize this is important to them.

Children’s Book

A quick search could bring up a number of children’s books for teaching about their faith. If they are Christian, typically any book telling a Bible story will be a good option, for example, a Noah’s Ark storybook.

Children’s Bible

If you know this family well and they are devout in their faith, you might consider taking the book idea a step further and gift a Children’s Bible. There are various types available, typically with cute illustrations and easy-to-read stories. This could be quite a treasured gift for years to come, especially if it’s possibly the child’s first Bible.


Gift Cards as Christening Gifts

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates and cards will certainly not go unappreciated, especially since they give parents an extra percentage of freedom. You might consider thinking of unique gift certificates, though, to show you truly thought about what the family loves, or what could be special to them. An example might be a gift certificate to a child’s hair salon for their first haircut down the road.

Delivery Meals

While the christening is all about celebrating the child, this is a big moment for the whole family. It’s especially a big step if this is a first child, and the parents will appreciate it if they see that someone recognizes the depth of this moment. To that extent, arranging for a few meal deliveries can mean a lot. This would be especially touching if you are a sibling or a close family member to these parents.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still not decided on how much to give for a christening gift, perhaps a gift basket would do the trick! In the end, your presence at this precious event is what’s most important, and even a heartfelt card will work just fine. Which idea do you like the most? Do you have any gift ideas that we didn’t mention? Please share them with us in the comments!

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