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How to Choose the Best Corporate Gift for the Holidays

Published October 08, 2016        by Matt

Brownies How to Choose the Best Corporate Gift for the Holidays
A Guide To Choosing Corporate Gifts from 4 of the most popular types

During the holidays, it's easy to get bogged down buying gifts for friends, family, and significant others only to realize at the last minute you need to send your clients a corporate gift for the holidays!  When giving gifts to clients or other corporate partners, you'll want to look both professional and grateful for the business relationship. Your goal is to choose an appropriate and presentable gift that your recipient will hopefully use (or eat!)

For instance, an effective corporate gift can be enjoyed by the client's friends and family. Corporate gifts can also be used by the recipient if they are collectors. So the question is, "What are some excellent corporate gifts that you can give to your special clients and other coworkers?" Here's a list of four of our favorite four and when how to decide which one you want to send to your 50 clients.

Holiday Gift #1: Corporate Food Gift Towers

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas
Everyone loves food! That is why food gift towers will make the perfect gift to give your clients as it can be appreciated by a whole group, such as friends and family. You can even enhance the tower by embroidering your company's logo on the ribbon of the tower, a great way to have them remember your company as they are munching on your gift full of food. Food choices of particular tower gifts can range from cookies to chocolates. Who doesn't enjoy sweets during the holidays?

Holiday Gift #2: Meat and Cheese Gifts
meat & cheese corporate gift

Meat and cheese are one of the most common delicacies in the business
world. Who hasn't gone to an office party and not seen meat and cheese
being served?  Similar to chocolate and cookies being appealing to the client's friends and family, the same friends and family can also savor the meat and cheese during personal holiday parties. And best of all, throw in a personalized wooden cutting board with the meat and cheese gift with your company's logo. Your client will be chopping away while thinking about your business!

Holiday Gift #3: Fruit Baskets
GSF AA4101 lg How to Choose the Best Corporate Gift for the Holidays

We find that this is is probably the best gift to give anyone. Why? It contains one of the healthiest foods--fruits! From apples, pears, oranges, and more, you can be sure that your client will enjoy his or her healthy gift. According to Calorie Control Council, more than 186 million Americans are weight conscious and 54 percent of Americans are cutting back on sugar. Therefore, what do you think these individual prefer more? The answer is "fruits." For that reason, a fruit basket will be a healthy choice to help your client pursue a healthy lifestyle.  Not to mention, you can even spice these fruit baskets up with nuts or wine. If your client is a wine collector, he or she will surely remember you for it.

Holiday Gift #4: Custom Corporate Chocolate Gifts
MR NVT143 lg How to Choose the Best Corporate Gift for the Holidays

This particular corporate holiday gift is a win/win for both you and your client or colleague. You get to imprint either your company's logo or promotional message on the chocolate, which makes a big impression! Chocolate is one of the best gifts to give because it can be admired by a whole group. And who doesn't find chocolate pleasing? After all, 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate is eaten very year in the US (fun fact!), which adds up to be over 11 pounds of chocolate per person in one year. Give that promotional chocolate as a gift, and you will most likely continue that business relationship.

These four corporate holiday gifts are just a few of many wonderful gifts to give to your clients or other business partners. Just remember to keep it appropriate, presentable, unique, interesting, and useful, and you will be sure not to go wrong. You want that client coming back to you for your business. Therefore, corporate gift giving is a successful way to show your gratitude. Happy holidays and Happy gift giving!

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