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How To Grind Coffee Beans

Published September 05, 2012        by Sarah

Old Fashioned Coffee Grinder

Anyone who loves the taste of freshly brewed coffee or coffee gifts can enhance the flavor of every cup by grinding their own beans. It’s so easy to do and it makes for a very fresh cup of coffee.

You will need an electric coffee grinder in order to grind your own beans. There are two kinds of electric grinding machines. One is a burr grinder and one is a blade grinder. The blade grinder is the one you will most traditionally see in homes. It’s a small countertop appliance with two blades housed inside a cylinder. Often, the top of the machine will be clear plastic so you can see the beans being ground. These blade grinders are easy to find in home, bath, and coffee stores.

The other type of grinder is a burr grinder. This one is less common, although readily available. The mechanism of this machine allows the beans to fall into a cavity. You set the machine to whichever grind you like. The burrs work on the beans to pulverize them to the right consistency. The burr grinder isn’t that much more expensive than a blade grinder and it will allow the user to more precisely set the grind. Either is a good choice and most people make that choice based on budget.

Now that you have your coffee grinder, you’ll need beans. Coffee beans can be found in any grocery store these days as well as at specialty coffee houses. You can find them bagged or in bulk. You’ll usually pay less when they are in bulk and you have to scoop them yourself. It’s worth it as coffee beans can get quite expensive.

Once you have chosen your beans based on the type of coffee you like (from rich dark roasts to light and more airy), set about grinding your beans.

If you have a coffee grinder with one setting, then that’s the setting you will have to use. You’ll want to make sure that the coffee machine you will be using calls for that type of grind before buying a grinder. For example if you are using a French press coffee pot, you’ll need a course grind. If you are using an auto drip coffeemaker with a flat bottom filter, you can go with medium grind. An auto drip maker with a cone shaped filter can take medium fine grind.

Set your grinder to the desired consistency (if it has an adjustment) and then fill with two tablespoons of beans for every 6 oz. of water. This is approximate. But start off grinding just what you need. You can always grind more. But any extra you grind may go to waste as it won’t be fresh anymore once it sits out.

Grind the beans until the grinder stops. Most grinders have an auto stop feature that shuts the machine off when it has reached its proper stage. If yours doesn’t have auto shut off, simply grind for a few seconds then check the beans. Do the course beans look like crumbs? They should. Finer grinds should look like sand and medium fine should look like sugar or salt. These are approximate.

Enjoy your cup of freshly brewed coffee using tasty coffee beans you ground yourself. You will definitely notice a difference in the flavor of each cup. Or, put one into the next coffee gift basket that you make and spread the fresh coffee love!

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