How to Host a Scrapbooking Baby Shower

shimelle How to Host a Scrapbooking Baby ShowerWe’ve all been to baby showers that were cute, but lacked any fun activities. If you are looking for a fun baby shower theme, why not consider having a scrapbooking shower? It can be so much fun and it gets everyone involved. It’s a great way to get people who don’t know each other introduced and talking.

A scrapbooking baby shower involves everyone at the party. You will each make at least one scrapbook page and then give it all to the mom to be. Usually, you collect it all into one big scrapbook album that’s given to the mom as a gift.

The hostess will provide the scrapbooking materials. If this gets very costly, as it could, you might ask the guests to bring a few things with them like glitter, cut outs, photos, paper and other scrapbooking supplies. Of course, this request will only work if you have friends who are into scrapbooking. If you find that most guests don’t know what you’re talking about when you ask for photo corners or scrapbook squares, then perhaps you can educate them. Just don’t put a burden on any of your guests to go out and buy expensive supplies as a requirement. Make it optional and have extras on hand.

The day of the party, along with the food and drinks, set up a table that has the scrapbooking supplies and enough room to work. You’ll need seats for everyone. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough as guests can rotate in and out of the actual scrapbooking and take turns.  Do have enough extra seats so the guests who are not scrapbooking can sit down too.

shimelle1 How to Host a Scrapbooking Baby ShowerEveryone takes a turn at creating a page. It can be good wishes for the new parents or a happy hello to the new baby. If there are twins on the way, it gets even more fun.

Take photos of the mom to be at the shower that you can download and print right away and include those in the book as well. Guests can decorate photo backings and “frames” made out of paper so that photos of the baby, when she’s born, can be placed there.

It’s fun for everyone to get creative. If you have kids coming to the shower, it’s a lot of fun to include them in this activity as well.

There may be people who have never scrapbooked before. Just show them what to do and they’ll be into it right away. You may also have pro scrappers who can assist the others with their pages.

Don’t feel like you have to fill the entire shower with scrapbooking activities. It can be just for one portion of the shower or you can scrap throughout the shower while other things are going on. Just remember to leave enough time for mom to open all her baby shower gifts. That can take a good amount of time, depending on the number of people at the shower, and you don’t want her to feel rushed.

A scrapbooking shower can be lots of fun and is very memorable for the guests and the mom to be. Be sure you have enough supplies for everyone and you can’t go wrong.  This way, mom gets to take home a lovely memento of her baby shower at the end of the day.

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