How To Make A Baby Bathtime Basket

dickdotcom on FlickrEven the most practical baby gifts are adorable; is there anything more precious than a bright yellow rubber ducky or a super soft washcloth?  Bath time is not just for cleaning: a warm bath can soothe a fussy child, help get him warm and cuddly for bedtime, or give him some time to play, explore, and discover the wonder and thrill of splashing mom and dad.  You can ensure parents are well-equipped for tub time with a baby bath gift basket.

You can purchase baby bath time baskets or you can build your own customized basket to fit your budget. Some items to include:

Bath Time Essentials

  • Baby shampoo and wash.  One skill parents learn quickly is how to handle 10 pounds of slippery baby quickly.  You have a small timeframe to get your washing done, so you have to be fast!  This is why many shampoos are also washes.  Try Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno, Burt’s Bees, or Baby Magic, which are formulated specifically for baby’s skin.
  • Lotion.  This helps preserve that delicious new baby smell and keep skin soft!  Again, opt for those that are specially formulated for babies.
  • Baby oil.  This can help keep skin smooth and soft, but parents can also use it to treat “cradle cap.”
  • Wash cloths.  Include three or four.  Often, parents like to put one on the bottom of the bath surface to help keep baby in place more securely, and when dealing with wash cloths and bibs, more is better.
  • Hooded bath towel.  You can certainly include a regular bath towel, but the hooded ones are too cute to resist and are just the right size.
  • Grooming supplies. Include small nail clippers, a comb, and a brush.
  • Booties.
  • PJs for post-bath cozy time.
  • Bath books.
  • Rubber duckies!  This is the best part, and you’re not limited to ducks. Today, you can find bath squirters in virtually any color or style, from boats and trucks to dinosaurs and Bert and Ernie.
  • Bath stickers.  As baby grows and spends more time in the tub, he’ll love playing with these fun stickers.  When wet, they adhere to the side of the tub or tile and the child can set up farm scenes, roads with trucks, or beach fun, depending on the set of stickers he has.
  • If you have a bit of room left over, include bath soak, body wash, and relaxing lotion for tired moms and dads!

Sometimes, the best gift baskets are not baskets at all.  When giving your bath time basket, consider using an alternative container. It can help spice up your presentation and create an even more useful gift. Some ideas:

  • A galvanized tub.  These are a cute addition to the bathroom, and parents can use it to store baby’s bath items.
  • A bath toy holder.  These useful items catch and hold bath toys so they can dry properly. Fill one with your bath items for a thoughtful gift.
  • A baby bathtub. Babies’ small size and lack of muscle means that bathing in the regular tub is out for a few months.  A baby tub is perfectly sized and shaped for these little bathers and features a non-slip mat on the bottom.
  • Plastic beach tote.  This makes a great container for the initial gift, as well as for toys, trips to the beach, and just about anything parents can think of.

When you give a bath time gift basket, you can be sure that your gift will be used and appreciated. Whether you choose a premade basket, or assemble your own with hand-picked items, it will all make bath time a bit more pleasant and relaxing for everyone.

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