How To Make A Christmas Candy Wreath

Image by OverStock.comMaking a Christmas candy wreath is a fun way to create a holiday décor item or a holiday gift. You only need a few supplies and your imagination. Let’s get started making a Christmas candy wreath that you’ll be proud to display.

First, you’ll need a wire wreath form. You can select from several different sizes. They are available at craft stores. You may want to start out with a smaller, rather than larger form as your first wreath may take a bit longer to make.

You’ll need a supply of candies. Hard candies are the best to work with for this project as they don’t melt or smash. Keep all the candies wrapped. That’s very important as the wrappers are what’s are going to secure the candy to the wreath. Using peppermint pinwheel type candies is ideal. They are round, the right size, and easy to handle. Plus, they are not too expensive.  You’re going to need several bags of candy, so buy a bit more than you think you need so you don’t run out. For a small wreath, two bags of pinwheels might cover it, but get three to be sure.

When you have your wreath form and your candy laid out, you’re ready to start. You’ll need a hot glue gun to do this quickly. The wreath form will usually have a center wire that is meant for wrapping things over and under. While you can’t exactly thread hard candy like ribbon, you can layer it. So lay down the first candy on the center bar of the wreath form and glue it down. Now, the next candy that’s going to go down on the wreath should be layered on top and to the side of the first candy. Glue it down. As you begin to add candies, move the design outward towards the edges of the wreath. You’re starting to build layers. If you stack candies on top of each other, you’ll have a flat finished piece. You want it to look dimensional, so stagger and layer.

Image by aussiegall on FlickrContinue going all around the wreath until you have added all the candy. You should make sure that there are no bald spots. If you find that you have awkward gaps, just add another candy.

Now comes the embellishment. You can add a big red bow made of flocked velvet or sprigs of mistletoe or any other little items you have around. A small bird ornament or even a Christmas ornament will work well. The fun is trying to make it a little bit more appealing.

You can wrap one of these edible candy arrangements up as a gift, give it as is, or keep it for yourself. You can enjoy it for a season and then actually eat the candy. The reason for keeping each piece of candy in its wrapper is so that when it comes time to eat the candy, it’s still intact. If you’ve used a hot glue gun, you can easily remove the wrapper and eat the candy. Don’t try it with glue that may run into the candy and cause it to be inedible.

Have fun with your Christmas candy wreath making activity. Kids can help, but be sure that if there are small candies involved that could pose choking hazards that an adult supervises.

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