How to Make a Growth Chart

Children grow so fast and love to compare their height to others. If you have a child in your life who is starting to feel like a big boy or a baby whose growth you want to remember forever, it’s time to create a growth chart. These simple items can make long-lasting memories and are so easy to create.

There are two main ways to create a growth chart. You can either make one that you fasten to a wall (made of paper, cardboard, or other sturdy material) or you can make one that is actually painted on the wall. Either way, it’s easy to do.

Think about where your growth chart will go. Do you want it to hang in the baby’s room, the living room, or the playroom? You can even make one that hangs in the kitchen. Where you will hang it will have a lot to do with how you design it. Consider the nursery decor where it will be hung and work from there.

If you are going to make your growth chart movable (so you can take it with you if you move a lot or pack away for a scrapbook later), then go ahead and make a paper version. You’ll need some sturdy poster board and a long length of paper about five feet high. Wrapping paper works well as it comes on rolls, is decorative, and can be secured to the poster board.

Decide how wide you want your growth chart. About 8” wide is a good size. And you’ll want to go about five feet high. Cut the poster board to these dimensions. You’ll need to attach sections of poster board together with staples or tape to make a long strip. Now that you’ve got your backing, do the same thing with either decorative paper or plain white paper. Adhere it to the poster board backing with glue designed for paper.

Now comes the fun part. Find decorations that match with the theme of the room your growth chart will be in. If it’s going in a jungle themed nursery, cut out colorful jungle animals from magazines or make color copies from the internet or books. Use roosters if it’s going in a rooster-themed kitchen, etc. Adhere the designs to the sides of the chart from top to bottom.

With a permanent black marker and a measuring tape or yard stick, mark off each foot on the chart starting with the ground as zero, the first foot up from the ground as one, etc., all the way until you’ve marked five feet. Go back and mark each inch in between the feet. Children love to see that they’ve grown an inch. It’s a very big deal.

Now personalize the chart with cutout or hand drawn letters. Spell out the child’s name and make a title such as “Suzie’s Growth Chart.” Hang your masterpiece. Each time you want to take a measurement, have the child stand with his heels against the chart on the wall and draw a colored line at the exact spot his head reaches. Mark the date.

If you are doing a wall version of a growth chart, do exactly the same things, but use paint and paint directly onto the wall of your choice. You can adhere wall-paper cutouts as your accents or draw and paint them by hand. Do the actual marking on the wall as you measure the child over time. Be as creative as you like as you’ll be seeing this chart for a long time. It will become a special part of the home. You can also choose to use a doorway as your growth chart. Decorate the whole door jamb on both sides with vines or birds. Then make one side the one that has the numbers and markings on it. Just choose a spot that allows you full access to measure the child.

Watch as the child grows before your very eyes!

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