How To Make A New Baby Time Capsule

Baby Time Capsule Gift
Baby Time Capsule Gift
Baby Time Capsule Gift

When there’s a new baby in the family, you wish you could capture every moment and freeze it in time. While no one can stop time, one way you can preserve this special time in your lives is by creating a baby time capsule.

The Idea

The concept behind the time capsule is not new. People have been preserving things for future generations to unearth since time began. The baby time capsule is an idea that’s recently become popular. It involves filling a tube or other non-degradable, air-tight container with mementos of baby’s first year. Then, you bury it for baby to dig up later when she’s all grown up.


There are some fantastic kits on the market that include everything you need to personalize a time capsule of baby’s first year. They include things like stickers to create photo album pages, certificates to note the baby’s birth date, stationery to write a “Letter to the Future” on and, of course, an airtight capsule to store it all in. Kits can range from the very inexpensive to very pricey, so choose one that best fits your budget. These make great baby shower gifts for expectant parents.

Do it Yourself

With a little ingenuity, you can make a time capsule yourself. Find yourself an air-tight container that won’t corrode or rust. A steel tube with secure lid works well. Don’t use anything cardboard or wooden that might get wet underground and damage the contents inside. If you have a unique metal chest, that would be perfect. Just make sure it has a tight seal. Store items inside the container that pertain to baby’s firsts—first time walking, first words, first outfit, picture of first pet, etc. You might want to include things from the whole first year of baby’s life, or just the first day they were born. It’s up to you. Then, store each item inside a sealed plastic bag. Some things to include are: a newspaper from the day baby was born, a picture of baby’s first day, a picture of the parents holding baby, an item of fashion of the day like shoes or an outfit of baby’s, pictures of the town on the day baby came home from the hospital, an unused cell phone (to show what cell phones looked like when baby was born), a record of baby’s first visitors (have visitors sign and write a note), printouts from the Internet of news stories the day baby was born, baby’s footprint keepsake frame, and a lock of baby’s first haircut. You can personalize this as much as you like. Try to include items that will have changed by the time baby opens the capsule in the future.

Leave Instructions

The fun of a time capsule is of course in finding it and digging it up. Be sure you leave a detailed letter of where you buried the capsule. You might want to place the letter inside a baby book you’re keeping for your child or another important place in the house. Include any landmarks that might be near where you buried it so baby can find it when she’s all grown up. Include a date when your child can go and dig for it. Make your letter as creative as possible. After all, you’re writing a letter to the future!

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