How To Make A Pamper Mom Gift Basket

DM 8412752 How To Make A Pamper Mom Gift BasketWe know what you’re thinking: pamper mom gift baskets have spa items – luxurious bath salts, aromatic body wash, lightly scented candles, silky lotion, a loofah or exfoliating scrub.

It is designed for moms to indulge themselves and escape for an hour or two to a nice, steamy, deliciously fragrant bath.  But one thing is missing from this great basket: the luxury of time.

Moms, especially new moms, have to work hard to make the time to get in a shower, much less spend an hour lathering up and soaking in the bath crystals. While a spa basket is a thoughtful gift, it may not be the most practical gift for new mom you are trying to pamper.

Here are some ideas for alternatives that will be much appreciated:

  • A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant that delivers.  No one wants to make a meal at 6:00 after a full day of attending to a very demanding baby!  Give the mom in your life the luxury of time to sit on the couch and do nothing while someone else makes – and brings her – food.  A budget-friendly variation on this is to make a batch of frozen dinners (soups and stews are great) and put them in the freezer so she can just thaw and relax.
  • Offer to babysit, and mean it.  A new mother may not be ready to part with her baby, but she may be more than willing to part with her older children – at least for a little while. Ask for a specific time and date when you will come over to watch the children or take them to the park.  Mom can nap, take a bath (because someone will have given her spa products, it is guaranteed), or read.  You can even watch the baby right in the house while she naps, waking her only if the baby needs to be fed.
  • Get a subscription to a movie delivery service, like Netflix.  These can start at about $5 per month; a six or 12 month subscription would be a perfect gift.  If you would like to offer a package with more movies, you can ask others to chip in.  New parents have a hard time getting out to watch the latest movies, and they may sleep right through their favorite primetime shows.  This gives them a chance to catch up and relax.
  • Give the gift of fashion. New moms may not fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes, but it can be depressing to wear your maternity clothes or your yoga pants when you go out.  A gift certificate to her favorite clothing store is a great idea.  Tell her it is for a transitional outfit.  She can feel good about wearing something cute: that is a huge boost to new moms.
  • If the lady is a reader, grab her several books that are easy to read with one hand.  Babies eat a lot, or at least very frequently, and this gives her time to relax and read.  Paperbacks are best; indulge her in her mystery thriller or romance novel addiction or try classic short stories.
  • Ok, you can get her traditional spa pampering things, but do it in a way that ensures she can indulge.  Come to her home, watch her child, and let her go to the pedicurist with a gift certificate. Or bring the supplies and do it yourself.  Take the time to thoroughly massage her hands or feet – this will feel like heaven to her.  A massage is also likely to be appreciated.  With any gift like this, make sure you provide child care.

Pampering a new mother requires addressing her needs as a woman – but a woman with a new baby.  Think relaxation in quick bursts, anything that saves her time or work, or the gift of your time to clean, cook, or babysit.  Maybe she will even have time to actually use all of those bottles of lotion she’s received.

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  1. Wow, some amazing ideas you have mentioned here. I thought it was really a tough task to prepare a gift basket for mom. But ideas you have mentioned here makes it so easy. I will make it soon and add few more things into it that my mom will really love 🙂

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