How to Make a Personalized Baby Photo Frame

From the moment babies are born, they are surrounded by adoring paparazzi. We love baby pictures; our children’s, our friends’, our newest family members, and even our own!  One of the most meaningful baby gifts that you can give a parent is a place to keep these precious pictures safe.  Here is your guide to making a personalized baby photo frame that will be just as treasured as the photo it keeps.

If you can make a frame from scratch, you do not need to do anything more to customize it; what could be more personalized than a handmade frame?  But for those of us who lack any and all carpentry skills, there are still ways we can make a beautiful frame.

One option is to find a service (and there are many, many of them) that will customize a frame for you.  They will have a stock of photo frames from which you can choose; you pick the size you want, and often, you can choose from a list of colors.  On the order form, there is a spot to enter the baby’s name and birth date.  Often, you can also include a short message, such as “A child is the greatest joy, the ultimate blessing” or one of your own making.

The cost of these personalized baby photo frames varies, but you will usually pay around $25 to $30.

Now, if you would like to spend less or make the frame even more personal, you can meet somewhere in the middle between making your own frame from scratch and buying one that is customized.  Find a plain, unfinished wooden frame; these are available at craft stores and box stores all over the place and are inexpensive.

Next, Let Your Creative Side Out

You can try:

  • Painting the frame with bright, bold colors and patterns. You could, for instance, paint the frame red and then add black and white dots.  Or you could make each length of the frame a different color. Babies respond to bright colors, and their parents usually respond to baby blues or pinks. It is up to you and what you think the family would like.
  • Cover it with fabric. Choose fun baby-themed prints and turn an ordinary frame into a trendy item.  Martha Stewart has a great tutorial or you can wing it.
  • Just decorate. Get some strong craft or wood glue and adorn the frame with doodads and trinkets.  You can include buttons, alphabet tiles, small wooden animals, bows, ribbons, and more.  Make sure the items are secure – and that it is kept out of baby’s reach while she is in her put-everything-in-mouth phase!
  • Decoupage.  For this project, you’ll need:
    • Acrylic paint.
    • Decoupage medium (like Modge Podge or white Elmer’s glue watered down)
    • Craft paint brush
    • Sponge brush
    • Tissue paper in coordinating colors that complement the paint.
    • Scissors

How to Decoupage

  1. Paint the entire frame with the acrylic paint. Let dry completely.
  2. While drying, cut or tear your tissue paper into pieces of various sizes.
  3. On a small section of frame, apply decoupage medium with sponge brush. Coat one side of a piece of tissue paper and put onto frame. Brush more medium or glue on top. Repeat, and remember to alternate and overlap tissue paper colors.
  4. When frame is dry, add another coat or two of decoupage medium.

There is no limit on what you can make when you have a ready-made template from which to start.  Check out this great idea from Shutterfly’s blog to inspire yourself and spark your own ideas.  Do not limit yourself in terms of materials: try paint, tiles, stones, fabric, ribbon, burlap, chalkboard paint and chalk, buttons, and whatever you can paint and/or glue down!

Before you give your frame to the parents, include your favorite photo of the baby (if there are any yet). If the baby is yet to be born, include a little stick figure or drawing or a special message to the parents and/or baby.

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