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How to Make a Shower Diaper Cake

Published August 19, 2010        by Sarah

Diaper Cakes from Baby Gifts & Gift BasketsWhat exactly is this thing called a diaper cake that everyone’s been talking about? It’s actually a very cute idea for a baby shower centerpiece or gift for the expectant mom at her baby shower. It’s a tiered “cake” made entirely out of rolled diapers. You can add as many tiers as you like to make it the center of attention or as few as you like to make it a simple gift. It’s great to bring to the hospital when you first meet the new baby or to give whenever a new baby is born. Here’s how to do it.

To start off you’ll need one large bottle of baby shampoo or lotion. This will be the base for your cake. You’ll need another small one, about 4oz. for the top tier. Then, you’ll need about sixty diapers for a standard three-tiered cake. You can choose to use either cloth diapers or disposables. Check with the new mom to see what she’s planning on using if you can. Select ribbon for the outsides of the cake that matches the shower décor. Gather up enough rubber bands to tie each diaper. Then, you’ll need some small baby supplies like travel sized powder, lotion, tiny thermometer, etc. These are for the outside to decorate the cake.

First, plan to arrange the cake on some sort of platter or disposable cake plate. Clear your area and start rolling up diapers. It’s easiest to do with disposable diapers because they’re already half folded. But if you are using cloth, just fold the diaper in half and then in half again and start to roll. Secure with a rubber band. Continue on for all sixty diapers.

To assemble, place the large bottle of shampoo or lotion in the center of the cake plate. Start adding the rolled diapers until you have on circle of diapers around the bottle. Secure the tier with wide ribbon tightly. Now, add the next tier. Do the same thing around the top of the bottle. Encircle it with the rolled diapers and secure with wide ribbon. For the third tier, place the small bottle of shampoo on top of the second tier. Use the rest of the diapers to create a small tip tier. Tie tightly with ribbon.

Use the extra supplies you have purchased to make a cute topper. A rubber ducky works well. Add the rest of the supplies by tying with ribbon onto the cake all around it. You can omit this last step if you like your cake the way it is. You can also sprinkle on baby-themed confetti that comes in the shape of ducks and baby bottles. You can find it at a craft store.

That’s it! Your cake is set to go. Present it to the hostess  and she may want to use it as a baby shower centerpiece. Or, just put it alongside the other gifts on the gift table. New moms love the gift of a diaper cake because as they disassemble it, they can use the diapers every day. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Vary the sizes of the diapers if you like as moms tend to get more newborn diapers at their baby showers and then have to run out to the store as baby grows for the larger sizes.

4 thoughts on “How to Make a Shower Diaper Cake”

  1. This reminds myself of how my own baby leaked out through her diaper last night, it absolutely was a major problem!

  2. Who would ever think of bringing a cake to a baby shower that couldn't be eaten? Everyone enjoys eating at a baby shower and there should always be a delicious cake for guests to enjoy with the mother-to-be, but there is also room at every baby shower for the very popular inedible baby shower cake. We are talking about diaper cakes!

    These cakes may not be tasty and filled with sugary frosting, but they are extremely functional and well received by the guests of honor. Just as each layer of the cake is neatly formed together with baby diapers sized 1 or 2, parents can take the cake apart one small diaper at a time and put them to work for their new baby.

  3. Many who see diaper cakes assume they must be difficult to create, but they are actually quite simple. You don't need any special artistic skills or tools to make one. All that you will need are some diapers, a baseboard, rubber bands and whatever items that you choose for decorating the cake.

    It could not be any easier and the best part is that you can kill two birds with one stone. The gift table will have a lovely centerpiece and you won't have to make a trip to the mall to find a gift. That's not to say that planning the shower is going to be stress-free, but any way that you can cut corners can certainly help.

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. As long as you have the items you need or are close to a grocery store, creating your own diaper cake is not that hard. One should just need to spend some time, effort and a little creativity.

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