How to Make a Snack Care Package for your College Student

College students can be under a lot of pressure to complete their courses. They are often so pressed for time that they forget to eat. Or sometimes it's the late night munchies that get them when they are pulling an all-nighter. Why not make a snack basket that is a delight for them to receive?

A college care package from hocare package How to Make a Snack Care Package for your College Studentme is always a welcome sight. Be sure you pack it right so that when it arrives it's fresh, uncrushed, and ready to be torn into.

The first thing you want to do is select a box that's big enough to hold the snacks you want to send. It sounds obvious, but select something sturdy that will last in the often harsh conditions of the mail. Don't send the items inside just a cardboard box. Instead, put them first in a metal tin like the ones cookies come in. The better the packaging, the more of a chance you stand of everything arriving in one piece.

After you've chosen your inner container, be sure you have an outer shipping carton that will stand up to mailing. You can go to the post office or a UPS or FedEx location to get shipping boxes if you need them.

Shop for items you want to send. These can include everything from homemade cookies (packed in a tin) or individual snack sized bags of popcorn, chips, pretzels, peanuts, and trail mix. Be careful when sending chocolates across the country. They may end up as a gooey mess. If you are planning on sending chocolates, wrap them in a separate plastic bag so that if they do melt, they won't ruin all the other treats. And never pack food along with other things like toiletries. The shampoo or lotion you send could end up bursting and spoiling all the food you packed as well. Make two separate shipments in that case.

Think about what your college student might miss from home. Rice Krispy treats are a nice reminder of home and they ship well. Just wrap them securely in plastic and then ship them as fast as you can. They can turn hard as rocks in just a short time, so make them and send them the same day if possible.

Other things you could include are hometown snacks that might not be available in other areas of the country. Include powdered drink mixes and other items that don't take up much space and pack well.

Send a photo or note along with your snacks. Other items to add include gift cards to restaurants near campus, gas cards, and VISA gift cards that can be used anywhere.

Plan on your package taking an extra day as often the college will receive it but it takes time to be sorted through to your student for pick up. And be sure to send it with delivery confirmation so at least you will have a record if it doesn't arrive. It's worth the extra few cents when you're mailing it.

Be careful! Now that you've put together a marvelous care package filled with snacks and other goodies, your son or daughter will be requesting one all the time! Even in a day of modern conveniences, there's still nothing better than a care package from mom.

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