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How To Make A Time Capsule For Your Baby

Published June 09, 2007        by Kim

Give your child a blast from the past when they open the carefully constructed time capsule that you put together for them when they are born. They (and you) will have a scream looking through all the fun and practical items in the capsule. First, you need to find a container to hold all the goodies that you plan to include.Some companies online sell a Time Capsule Kit that includes a container as well as some of the memorabilia suggestions. If you want to use your own container, use something that is airtight such as a coffee can with a lid or a brand new gallon-size paint can with the lid. Next include some or all of the items listed below. Be sure not to include things that are perishable or could smell (like food or drink) or things that have liquids that could burst or break such as batteries. You also should think twice before throwing in things that require technology to play them such as VCR tapes because who is going to have a VCR in 18 to 20 years?Once, you’ve got the capsule filled to the brim with mementos, photos and letters, be sure to seal it up tight and put a ‘Do Not Open Until’ date on it. Many people choose the child’s 18th or 21st birthday as the open date. Store the capsule in a cool, dry place until the opening date. Do not bury it! Many a time capsule has been lost or forgotten during a move when they are buried.


a.Pregnant Mom & her growing tummy

b.Ultrasound picture

c.Newborn baby photo

d.Family photo with baby

e.Photo of the house where you lived when baby was born

f.Photo of the baby nursery

2)Current Events

a.Newspaper From The Day Baby Was Born

b.Newspaper clippings and headlines

c.Current Event information

d.Fashion Trends

e.Parents favorite movie, favorite TV show, favorite band and song

f.Political leaders and how parents felt about them


a.From Mom & Dad talking about their dreams for the new baby

b.From Friends & Family discussing current events, giving advice, etc.

c.From Mom & Dad talking about the pregnancy announcement like how they felt, who they told first and how they reacted. Also include all the names you were considering for boys and girls.

4)Factoids & Items from the birth year

a.Include a stamp (that shows price)

b.Include a coin from that year

5)Cards & Notes

a.Include a copy of the birth announcements

b.Cards that people sent congratulating you on the birth

c.Have each sibling make a birthday card and note for the new baby

6)Baby Footprint or Handprint from a kit