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How To Make An Activity Gift Basket For A Little Girl

Published February 08, 2012        by Sarah

Image by kirstenpdx on FlickrGirls may be sugar, spice, and everything nice, but they are also tremendously active, energetic, and curious.  Next time you need to get a gift for the special little girl in your life, consider an activity gift basket made just for her.  Not only is it a thoughtful gift, it will keep her entertained and stimulated for hours.  Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or even just a long car trip, this basket full of goodies is sure to be well received.  Here are some tips for making a great activity basket.

Two important aspects to consider when making your activity basket is the age of the child, as well as her interests.  You don’t have to center the basket around a particular theme, but the age is important because you can add books or games that are geared towards her developmental stage.

If you were going to make an activity basket for a young toddler, for instance, you may go with a baby book gift theme and include board books, books with different textures (such as cloth books), teethers, rattles, musical toys or those with lights and songs.  A child at this age is still very much fascinated by lights and sounds and is entertained by trying to work them.  Books, plush toys, and bath squirters are all great additions.  If you want to drive her parents crazy, also include a variety of small instruments, such as maracas.

An older child will benefit from activities that engage her artistic and intellectual sides.  Say you are assembling a basket for a four, five, six, seven, or eight year old (plus or minus a few years, depending on the child).

Here are some activities to include:

  • Girl Gift BasketColoring and drawing.  Children love to express themselves through art, so supply them with a drawing pad or coloring book.  Crayons and markers are great for coloring, and they can also be used in the car if the child is taking a long trip.
  • Paint, brushes, paper, stamps, ink, and other art materials.  You could create an art activity basket by including pipe cleaners, glue sticks, glitter, sparkles, pom-poms, googly eyes, and other goodies.
  • Books.  While they may have graduated from board books, children of this age still find a lot of entertainment and stimulation in books.  Try pop-up books, picture search books, sticker book, and activity books with puzzles, mazes, and other interesting, challenging tasks.  You can use the opportunity to get them “school books” too, or workbooks suited for their particular grade.
  • Friendship bracelet kits.  You can find kits that include instructions and the embroidery thread needed.
  • An inexpensive mp3 player loaded with favorite songs.  Mp3 players can cost as little as $20, so to make a birthday or Christmas present even more special, this could be an excellent addition to an activity basket.  They are especially wonderful for long car trips.
  • Card games, such as easy addition War, Old Maid, and Go Fish or board games like Disney Yahtzee or checkers.
  • Sports or physical activity equipment.  You could include a jump rope, playground ball, Velcro catcher’s mitts and ball, badminton set, and other fun activity-inducing treats.
  • Bath supplies, including bath crayons, bath stickers, a special kids’ shampoo and conditioner, fun shaped soaps, and squirters.

You can design your activity kids gift basket around a theme, such as princesses, Dora, sports, or friendship, or you could just include items you know your little girl will love.

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1 thought on “How To Make An Activity Gift Basket For A Little Girl”

  1. Ya, giving activity basket as gift to small children will really do. The contents of basket must vary depending on whether gift is for girl or boy and age of that girl/boy. The same concept can be used to gift the elder one’s but go on changing things in basket. You can also put up personalized photo on that basket. Really, this idea is versatile.

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