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How to Make Cute Baby Announcements

Published August 31, 2010        by Sarah

Baby Announcements by Mae Armstrong DesignsWhether you have wanted a baby for years or your pregnancy was unexpected, the birth of your baby is one of the most memorable and cherished moments of your life.  As a proud new parent, you want to show off your gorgeous bundle of joy, and baby announcements are the perfect way to send a little baby gift to your family and friends.

While you can order pre-made announcements or have a printer make them for you, it is also a great activity to do yourself or to share with some close friends.  Here are some ideas for announcements that are almost as cute as your baby.

  • One of the easiest ways to make cute baby announcements is to find free templates online.  You can choose the template you like, import your picture, add your child’s name, date and time of birth, height, and weight. From there, you simply review and print.  You can use photo paper for a more polished look.  These are technically pre-made, but they will save you time and money, and you can add a personalized comment in the text box.  If you are sending out 100 announcements, this is the way to go.
  • If you’re not especially crafty, you can still make great homemade announcements.  One idea is to purchase some baby scrapbooking paper.  Cutting this in half will yield two good sized cards.  The patterns are cute and certainly appropriate for the occasion.  On the outside, glue a favorite baby photo. Inside, simply write (or print from your computer) your baby’s information and a nice message.  That’s it.  It’s personal, unique, and easy to do for a moderate number of recipients.
  • Purchase a stack of blank greeting cards and a box of “Hello, I Am…” stickers.  Simply affix the sticker to the front of the card and write your child’s name.  Inside are his birth stats and a photo of the beautiful baby.  It is a good time to note that everyone wants a photo with their announcement!
  • If your baby is willing, and sleeping, you can buy an ink pad and stamp his footprint on blank cards, with photo and birth information inside or below.  These make excellent baby keepsakes and are great to cherish later on when they have grown. If it is unlikely that your kicking baby will lie still for this, you can just get a rubber baby foot stamp.  No one needs to know!
  • Vellum offers a very easy way to make elegant announcements.  Purchase fun scrapbooking paper, vellum (a filmy paper often used in wedding invitations), and double-sided tape.  Use double-sided tape to affix a large photo of your baby to the paper (if the page is 5x7, for instance, you can use a 4x6 or even 5x7 photo).  Step one is done. Next, print your baby’s name and stats on the vellum.  Check to make sure the paper is compatible with your printer and select “transparency” for the paper type.  Step two is done.  All you need to do is put two small strips of double-sided tape on the top of the photo page and affix the vellum over it.  Attach the top only so the recipients can lift the vellum and see the picture more clearly.  In place of double-sided tape, or in addition to it, you can use a blue or pink ribbon.
  • You can always announce your child’s birth online.  Many parents are doing this through a website devoted to their baby or sending emails.  This is perfectly acceptable today, especially if you have a large amount of people with whom to share the news.

You could send out a photocopied picture of your baby with hastily scrawled birth information, and people would be happy.  You are playing to a friendly crowd, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can really do no wrong. In the end, they will care about your baby’s photo, his name, and whether he is healthy and happy.

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