How To Make Headbands For Baby Girls

Image courtesy of CharlotteMorrall on FlickrIs there anything sweeter than a baby girl? Perhaps only a baby girl in a headband! You can easily make a headband for your sweet little one or for a gift for a new mom. You won’t believe how easy it is. And the best part is, since they take no time to make, you can craft a whole wardrobe full for every season.

Start off by measuring the little one’s head. Wrap a piece of string loosely around the widest point of her head. Write down the measurement.

There are two kinds of headbands that are easy to make for baby girls. The first is a cotton one. Using the measurement you just took, subtract two inches for where the elastic will go. Find a cotton fabric in a festive print or seasonal design. You might want to do snowmen for Christmas in a fleece fabric or a Halloween cat in soft material. Cut a length of fabric that matches the measurement you took horizontally. Cut it out as a large square so that there is enough material to double over. Fold the fabric down horizontally so that you have one thick band. Sew it shut. Or, if you’re not one for sewing, use fusible webbing. This is a tape found in sewing or craft stores that goes on like tape and allows you to iron two pieces of fabric closed.

After you have your band sewn, you’ll want to add a two-inch piece of elastic. A wide elastic works best. Sew elastic to each end of the band. That’s it! Now you can embellish it. Use craft flowers or ribbon. But try to avoid using sequins or any embellishment that could pop off and baby could chew on or swallow. Stick to the basics of fabric with elements sewn on for the youngest babies. Soft animals work best like flat little bears or kitties. Also be sure that you take into account the comfort of baby. If a band is too tight or too heavy, she’s going to be uncomfortable and won’t want to wear it no matter how cute it is.

A second way to make a baby headband is to use elastic lace. These bands of lace come in various lengths and widths. Look in a sewing or craft store in the ribbon aisle. You will see a variety of elastic ribbon and lace. Choose a lace that feels soft to the touch and is not going to be tight when it stretches to fit around baby’s head. Some elastics have a harder springback and are much tighter than others. Choose a delicate one. Cut one length of lace to the measurement of your child’s head and sew the ends together. Add a cute flower or other hair adornment like a butterfly.

Of course, if you want, you can always purchase a headband from a discount store and embellish it with your own details. Choose a soft fabric one. Use fabric paint or 3D craft paint to letter baby’s name on the band. Iron-on patches from the craft store come in dogs, cats, and other adorable critters and designs. You can easily create a bunch of iron-on headbands in about an hour, that will go with her little baby clothes and nearly any outfit you could dream up.

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  1. Great tutorial! Thank you for all the tips. I have to say, though, that I prefer a very thin elastic band to make a sweet headband. The method of production is very similar, but think the finished product is perfect on an infant.

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