How to Thank Someone for Throwing a Baby Shower

baby gift baby shower gifts

baby gift baby shower gifts

Considering everything that must be accounted for during pregnancy, a baby shower can be a huge blessing. These showers are meant to take some of the stress from the mother-to-be’s shoulders, shower her with meaningful and helpful gifts, and to simply celebrate her and her child; that is, her journey of motherhood. However, once the shower is over, you may be left wondering how to thank the individual who organized and hosted your shower. We have a few ideas for you!

Thank You Gifts for Baby Shower Planners

Spa Gifts

Baby Shower Host Gifts

The majority of the time, it is a close female friend or relative who has hosted the baby shower. As we all enjoy a little pampering, this woman may appreciate a spa-themed gift! Some ideas of this type of gift could include bath bombs, sugars, or bubbles, as well as lotions, creams, face masks, or manicure/pedicure kits. We also think a bath gift basket, or a massage gift card, even a salon gift card, could be very well-received.


Baby Shower Host Gift Ideas

The first idea that comes to mind for fragrance-themed gifts is a high-quality candle. This could be especially nice if it’s geared toward the particular season, for instance, apples or pumpkins for fall or lavender for summer. Candles are always well-received and truly make lovely presents. Other ideas for fragrance-themed gifts are essential oil diffusers with accompanying oils, Scentsy warmers with waxes, and so on.

Kitchen Gifts

Baby Shower Host Thank You Gifts

Kitchen gifts can be both fun and practical! These gifts are almost always excitedly received by those who love to cook or bake, and can be helpful to those who aren’t as experienced in the kitchen. For starters, popcorn balls or cookie bouquets are fun and tasty! We also like the idea of giving a brownie mix in a Mason jar or putting together a baking kit. These kits may include a cookie mix, spatula, oven mitt, or anything you’d like to add. Additionally, if the season calls for it, hot chocolate mix in a mug with peppermint candies can be lovely, or even a lemonade mix in a cute tumbler. A unique and fun idea could also be personalized kitchenware!

Wine Appreciation

Baby Shower Host Thank You Gift Ideas

You can hardly go wrong with a wine-themed gift! You could give a lovely set of wine glasses or even a unique glass with a bottle of wine. Other ideas could include a wine gift basket or a wine bottle with an assortment of chocolate! This gift is sure to impress and share your gratitude for their work on your baby shower.

Thank You Message for Organizing the Baby Shower

Baby Shower Thank You Presents

“Thank you” notes are some of the hardest to write at times, aren’t they? It’s certainly not because you’re not grateful; the opposite, actually. Oftentimes, it’s merely difficult to capture the amount of our gratitude on paper. A baby shower thank you note may not seem to suffice for the effort this host put into organizing your shower, but we assure you, your friend will be quite happy with it. It is highly likely you have already given many thanks to this individual in person, and the receipt of a written “thank you” note will surely be the cherry on top.


Baby Shower Host Present Ideas

It’s important to remember that the timing of your “thank you” note matters. Though certain people may not mind receiving a note several months after the shower, it does slightly come across as an afterthought. Though you are juggling a thousand things while you are pregnant, it is just natural for a prolonged “thank you” note to feel like it wasn’t very important for you to put the effort into delivering it within a decent time.

An Example Message

Baby Shower Hosts Thank You

If you’re struggling with how to word the thank you note (and many of us do), here is a simple template. You can customize it or elaborate on it as you like, but it’s a great starting point.

“Dear (enter the name of your baby shower’s host),
It was absolutely lovely of you to host the baby shower for me. I could easily tell how much effort, thought, and time you invested in planning the shower, and it was very thoughtful of you. I was touched by the details great and small, such as (enter a few favorite details, for instance: the fun games, the cute decor, or the unique cake, and so on). I cannot adequately express how loved and cared for I feel due to your organization of this shower. I’m looking forward to the day when my baby can meet you! You are a blessing indeed.

(Enter your name.)

With a few tweaks, our “thank you” message can easily become your own.

We hope we have provided you with a few new and helpful ideas on how to thank someone for throwing a baby shower. Please let us know which gift idea you liked the most and if you have any other suggestions!

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