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How To Throw A Christmas Cookie Exchange

Published December 11, 2013        by Sarah

Cookie exchange partyWhat is a Christmas cookie exchange? Never heard of one? A Christmas cookie exchange is a festive Christmas party where everyone swaps cookies. Each guest brings two dozen homemade cookies—one dozen to swap and one dozen to serve at the party. Everyone goes home with a sampling of other guests’ cookies as a sort of Christmas food gift. It’s so much fun and so easy to host. Why not try throwing a Christmas cookie exchange party yourself this year?

First, you’ll need a guest list. Think about who you’d like to invite. This is a good time to invite people who may not know each other as the atmosphere is so light and jovial. You might invite friends from work, family and friends from the church or gym. Everyone will mingle together over a favorite subject—cookies.

Next, you’ll need to send out invitations. The more people you invite, the better the selection of cookies will be. But you might want to set the limit at 12 people. Ask everyone to bring two dozen of their favorite cookies. The only requirement is that no one can bring store bought cookies. It ruins the flow of the party when there’s a batch that isn’t homemade. People like to talk about the recipes and find out how everyone else made their batches. It’s no fun if someone just went to the store.

In the invitation, also ask if everyone would bring copies of their recipe. This serves not only as a great way to get everyone recipe copies of the cookies they loved best, but also to ensure that people who may have allergies to certain ingredients stay away from the ones they shouldn’t eat.

Finally, ask that everyone bring their own container or holiday basket big enough to hold all the cookies they will be taking home.

Once guests arrive, the party is really simple. As each guest comes in they place their one dozen Christmas cookies on the main sharing table. They place the other dozen where the host has set up the cookies for eating. When the time comes for the swap portion of the party, the host will gather everyone and tell them to start going around the table and selecting the cookies they’d like. Each person takes a few different cookies and the circle continues around the table. Everyone then gets a second turn around the table and loads up on cookies again until they are all gone.

The fun of this type of party is that you go home with several dozen cookies that are very different. You get to sample all sorts of cookies that you might never make yourself. You can then take home the recipes and try your hand at baking the ones you like best. You can share the rest of your take-home cookies with your family and freeze the rest for later.

The host will offer coffee, tea, and the cookies that were brought for eating that night. Whatever is left over can either be left with the host or she may decide to let everyone have another chance to take home more cookies.

You may be cookied out by the end of a cookie exchange party, but it’s a good kind of tired. It’s much more fun to eat homemade cookies you didn’t have to bake.

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