How to Throw the Ultimate Election Party

how to plan an election night partyTurn Election Night into Party Night

November is coming, and that means the opportunity to throw an Election Night Party! Invite friends over and make it a night to celebrate democracy and patriotism. With these easy election night party ideas on decor, food, and games, you can make your party a night to remember, no matter who wins the vote!

Election Party Decoration

No matter who you are voting for, you cannot go wrong with red, white, and blue for your election night party.

Balloons are by far the easiest way to add a little color to your party. Stagger the balloons at different heights in sets of three for an appealing arrangement. Tie some to your mailbox or outdoor light to let others find your house easier. Pull out your holiday lights if they are the right color and make your yard shine!

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Election Party Napkins

Donkey and elephant motifs are great for decorating, and you could take this opportunity to clip political cartoons out of the paper and incorporate them by hanging or scattering on the table. Hang up your 4th of July flags again - but do not forget to put them away before winter weather sets in! As you will likely be watching election coverage on TV, put out some red, white, and blue blankets on the couch for your guests if you have them.

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Candles do a great job at dressing up a room, and they look wonderful if you use multiple heights flanking the television or on the coffee table or kitchen table. If you choose to buy some election party favors, they can also add to the decor, by scattering them about, or gathering them in a vase, or stacking them in a pyramid. You can find many other easy decorations by shopping for 4th of July decorations, which may be discounted during the off season as well!

Election Night Food Ideas

Finger food is most appropriate for this type of party. You can carry the red, white, and blue theme through the food as well. A fruit platter with blueberries, strawberries, and dried coconut is great starter.

You could also choose foods that represent each candidates home state. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both from New York, so New York style pizza would fit right in. You could also serve American classics to show patriotism, such as hot dogs and burgers. Both are easy to throw on the grill for your guests.

You can double on decor and food by serving a delicious patriotic cookie bouquet like this one - Patriotic Cookie Bouquet, or some great red, white and blue cake pops like these: Patriotic Cake Pops.

Election Night Activities

While the television coverage is sure to have interesting points, it is a good idea to have other activities planned as well so that your guests do not get bored. If your guests enjoy alcohol, you could do drinking games. If you have younger guests, plan for more child friendly choices. Whatever you choose, this is a great opportunity to distribute election party favors as prizes. Particularly if you are careful to make sure everyone have a chance to get something. You could do this easily with team games. If your guests are passionate about opposing candidates, be careful with your games so that they do not start any passionate arguments. A little bantering is wonderful, but remember, you have already voted, arguing now will not change anything but your mood.

Try out some these election night party ideas, or create some of your own for a memorable night! It is a perfect night to celebrate and treat yourself for taking a stand and voting for your country, and a great way to get friends and family involved as well. All you need is a bit of decor, some well thought out food, and some activities and your night will surely start a new tradition. After all, this occasion only comes once every four years, so take advantage while you can!

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