Hug in a Card - Grandparent's Day Craft

grandparents card Hug in a Card   Grandparents Day CraftGrandparent's Day is coming quick!  Do you have your card made yet? Grandparents love cards made by little hands.  Here's one that sends along a hug!  And if you want an extra special item to send along with the card, check out our Gifts for Grandparent's Day.

This fun and easy craft will surely bring lots of smiles to Grandma and Grandpa this year!

What you need:

  • Construction paper (4) 9" x 12" sheets (your choice of colors for the base of the card, shirt color, skin color and hearts)
  • Googly eyes (large)
  • Kid-safe scissors and adult scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue (or double-stick tape)
  • 3D paint (optional)
  • Markers
  • Coffee cup (use as a circle stencil)
  • Newspaper to cover your work area

How to do it:

  1. Choose a color of construction paper to be the base of the card. Looking at the paper horizontally pick up the right side and left side of the construction paper and fold them towards the middle. When the edges of the paper meet press them down to crease and flatten both sides. Your card should now have two flaps that open in the middle (like a pair of double doors). Set this aside for now.
  2. Next, choose a color of construction paper for the shirt. You will need to measure and cut a 2" x 12" long strip of paper (arms) and a 4" x 6" rectangle (shirt). Set them aside with the card.
  3. Choose a piece of construction paper to make the hands and face. Tracing around an upside down coffee cup makes a nice circle for the face. Draw two lines down from the face for a neck. Using paint, markers and glue create pink circles for the cheeks, attach the googly eyes and have your child draw the nose, ears and hair as a self-portrait. Draw two circles or a pair of hands on the same paper. Allow any paint used to dry, then cut out the completed face and hands. When cutting out the face make sure to leave about 1" of neck below the chin (you will need this to attach the face to the card)
  4. While the face is drying you can cut out a small heart from construction paper. Set aside.
  5. Take your finished face and with the card open to the inside, glue the neck and chin to the top of the card. (When the card is closed you should see the eyes and nose peeking out over the top)
  6. Next attach the hands to the ends of the long 2" x 12" strip of construction paper. These will be the arms. Attach this strip over the bottom of the neck across the top of the card. The hands should hang out over the edge of both sides of the card. Attach the small heart you made earlier to the right hand.
  7. Attach the 4" x 6" rectangle on top of the arms below the face. This will be the shirt. Using markers, have your child customize their shirt by drawing a neckline and writing Happy Grandparents Day or BIG HUGS.
  8. To complete the self-portrait, have your child add pants or a skirt below the shirt edge using markers.
  9. When all paint and glue used is dry, close the card so that the hand with the heart peeks out the front and using markers write: To Grandma and Grandpa on the front of the card.

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