Husband Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Husband Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Husband Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

husband appreciation day

Husbands Need Love Too!

We have Mother's Day and Father's Day, but what if you don't have children? Well in that case, you still get a day. In fact, National Husband Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the third Saturday of April.

For 2014, that just happens to be April 19th. So what is up with this holiday, and what exactly should you do on April 19th? Read on to find out!

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April 18th, 2015

... is Husband Appreciation Day

What is husband appreciation day?

husband appreciation day

Not really a trick question...

The title of the holiday is certainly a tell tale of what the day is meant for, and that is to show appreciation to your husband. This can be for loads of different things. It can be to thank them for being a good father, for helping you through tough times, or just for little things like changing the oil in your car, or doing the dishes.

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Looking for more things to pinpoint when you say your thank you's?

Here are some suggestions/reminders:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Fixing the toilet
  • Cooking meals
  • Doing laundry
  • Working hard to provide for your family
  • Cleaning the house
  • Helping you with the kids/pets
  • Doing the yardwork
  • Watching Lifetime movies with you

Cut Them Some Slack

Husband waiting area
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How to Celebrate

Pass on Practical, Go For Fun!

There is a time and a place for practical gifts, but Husband Appreciation Day is not one of those. This is the time to surprise them with something that they've really deserved. Maybe it's a golf gift basket or a new driver or putter.

Birdies Gift Basket for Golfers

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Does your husband enjoy video games or movies? Purchase the latest DVD that he's been wanting, or that Xbox game he wants to buy but hasn't had the money to splurge. Go ahead and get it for him. He'll love that you know him well enough to know exactly what he wants.

If your husband is big into sports, consider giving him a sports gift basket, these can be filled with snacks, nuts, beer, their favorite sports team shirt or hat, books, or even a note saying you upgraded the cable service to include ESPN or SportsCenter.

Sports Nut Gift Box

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What's in a day?

Going For An Experience

Husband Appreciation Day

Putting Gifts Aside

So maybe instead of giving gifts, you might want to go for an experience or event. Guys love this! Especially if you opt for tickets to see one of their favorite sports teams (think NBA, NFL, NHL, etc.)

If they have a favorite singer, band, or musician, consider getting tickets to their next performance. You can usually get good information on or

If your husband's not really into sports or concerts, there are still plenty of other options. You could look into buying him a half day or day of a guided fishing or hunting service.

Or if he's more of a homebody, you could give him an engraved poker set for starters, and then offer to host a night for him and his buddies to come over and have a poker night (or play video games, if that's his thing.) You can lend him the house for the night, or stay and play hostess with snacks and beverages.

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More Thoughtful Ideas

From Giftypedia

I found a site called Giftypedia where they think up unique gift ideas for occasions. For this specific occasion, they offered up some great ideas that were worth sharing!

Some of their ideas included:

  • A hammock
  • A beverage of the month club
  • His favorite home cooked dinner
  • A day off from chores
  • Anything for his grill

These are all awesome ideas! And very cost-friendly as well.

How incredibly sweet is this?

holding hands
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Do you have a cute photo from your wedding that he probably doesn't remember? Go get it printed and framed. It'll bring up memories and also serve as a reminder of all the years you've spent together.

Personalized Carved Tree Anniversary Print

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Make His Day

He's Special, Show Him That!

There are tons of gifts for men out there, and definitely tons of things to do with them. But ultimately it comes down to how you treat them on their big day. Make them feel special, and show them how much you care for them.

We tend to take for granted those who are closest to us, and sometimes it's good to step back and realize just how important they are, and how lucky you are to have them there!  Best wishes on your own Husband Appreciation Day!

P.S. Wife Appreciation Day is the third Saturday in September, so hang in there!!

Make Him a Video - To Show Your Love

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