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I Still Believe in Santa!

Published July 13, 2007        by Nicole

Christmas is fast approaching and the malls are buzzing with holiday shoppers everywhere. Oh, the wonderful holiday spirit and magic is upon us!Each year, I reflect of Christmas times gone by of when I was a little girl and the belief of Santa was instilled in me. It was a belief that no one could take away from me, a belief that was mysterious in every way yet was one that I, without an ounce of doubt, believed in until I was 11 years of age.

Santa Claus, also known as St. Nick or St. Nicholas, is depicted as a fat, jolly old man with a white beard and dressed in a red suit trimmed with white. Each year on Christmas Eve he rides a sleigh full of toys drawn by eight reindeer to bring gifts to all the good girls and boys, entering houses through the chimney and leaving gifts under the Christmas tree.

Alright, the thought of this fat, jolly man coming down a chimney always stumped me. How could he possibly fit and why didn't he get stuck in the chimney? Or, what if one didn't have a chimney?

The tradition of Santa Claus is passed down from generation to generation. Parents and adults everywhere instill the magic of Santa into their children from birth and up. The excitement it brings to see their children believe in this jolly, old fellow and the look of delight on their faces when they see the presents under the tree on Christmas morning is undoubtedly one of life's joyous occasions.

Through the eyes of a child, Santa Claus is their biggest hero and strongest belief. Santa is probably the world's most recognized figure and the mysterious aura of Santa creates laughter, happiness and excitement in children everywhere. This is the reason why the tradition of Santa is passed down from generation to generation and will continue on throughout the ages.

I am passing this tradition and belief to my two young children, and this year will be a memorable Christmas. My 18 month old son is still too young to understand. However, my three year old daughter is now beginning to recognize who Santa is and what he represents. It will be exciting to relive past traditions of putting out cookies and milk for Santa on his busy night and to see the look of delight in her eyes on Christmas morning.

Yes, I still believe in Santa! The belief in Santa as a man may be gone but the spirit of Santa still lives within me. Christmas is a magical time where people everywhere unselfishly give to one another.

Chocolates, special gifts, and holiday gift baskets are being sent and given all over the world. Kindness and joy is spread, families and friends are brought closer together, new memories are created and the tradition of Santa is passed down to our children.

This is the spirit of Santa Claus! Merry Christmas to All!