Ideas for a 25th Silver Anniversary Party

Ideas for a 25th Silver Anniversary Party

Ideas for a 25th Silver Anniversary Party

Ideas for a 25th Silver Anniversary Party

Celebrating Memories Made

When a couple reaches their 25th wedding anniversary, the family will surely want to do something special for them. The 25th anniversary is called the silver anniversary, and so, you can start by planning around that theme.

From here, you'll find that there are many other details that will need to be looked into when planning the party.

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Go Silver

25th Wedding Anniversary Candle Holder

25th Wedding Anniversary

Tradition suggests that gifts be of silver for this important anniversary, but you can take the silver theme and do whatever you like with it. Have an entirely silver tablescape if you'd like.

Have silver plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins as part of your 25th anniversary tableware. Don't be afraid to add in balloons and a silver cake. But of course, this is the minimum you'll want to do to get the festivities set up. Choose a theme to go with the silver tradition.

You can also choose to include silver candles or candle holders with the "25th wedding anniversary" insignia on them.

Riches of Family

Family Love Over the Years

Going along with the silver color, you might want to include a "Riches of Family" theme as well. Sprinkle silver coins on each table. Have edible chocolate coins as anniversary party favors.

Use play money to decorate a money tree. Photocopy the couple's picture onto a coin medallion. There are many over-sized coins available at dollar or party shops to include in this theme. You could even use dollar bill napkins and have a cake decorated as a large coin or dollar bill.

On Location

Make it Special

One of the best themes for a 25th anniversary party is to go somewhere special and surprise the happy couple. Renting out a boat is a terrific idea if it's in your budget. There are charter boats in just about every area that has water near it.

Or, plan a surprise 3-day cruise with the couple and close friends and family and have your party on board. Have family members chip in for the couple's tickets instead of giving anniversary gift baskets.

Ideas for a 25th Silver Anniversary Party
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Hawaii Here

Treat the Couple

Can't fly the guests off for an exotic party? No worries. Create an island getaway right where you are. Turn a rental hall into a tropical oasis with decorations and props. Pass out leis and grass skirts. Serve Hawaiian foods like roast pig and pineapple. Offer small bags of Kona coffee as favors for the guests. And if all agree, have guests or close family chip in for airline tickets for the couple as their gift.

Memory Lane

Bring Back Good Times

It's natural to want to take a walk down Memory Lane after 25 years, but you can do it with a twist. Have everyone come in costume from the year the couple was married. Were leisure suits in? Did the couple have a big hair band at their wedding?

In addition to including all sorts of 25th anniversary party favors and vintage memorabilia, enlarge photos of the couple from their wedding day and display them everywhere. Have guests stand up and share memories as well as a toast. You can find all sorts of vintage items at thrift stores or tag sales-record players, tape machines-to add to the fun.

Cute Slideshow Idea

This is Your Life

Highlight Reel

Ideas for a 25th Silver Anniversary Party

Enlist the help of family and close friends to make the day extra special. Recreate some of the couple's favorite memories at the party. In advance, have a family member provide memorabilia from scrapbooks and photos of important times in the couple's life.

Add a little note in your anniversary invitations that you'd like guests to come prepared with a story of the guest of honor. It'll be fun to take turns sharing these with everyone.

You can video tape guests ahead of time relaying fond memories and give the couple the tape as a memory. You can also play the tape at the party. Bring as many memories to life as possible. Did something funny happen when they met? Recreate it. Was Dad a wreck the day his first child was born? Bring in some props to tell it again live. The more you can bring to life, the better.

Have a particularly outgoing set of relatives or friends perform skits of memories in the couple's life. Have the cake screen printed at a bakery with a collage of funny or touching photos of the couple. Create a program that's like a theatre playbill listing the memories to give out to guests.

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