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Ideas for Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Published March 01, 2016        by Matt

baby birthdayMaking a baby’s first birthday party extra special is nothing short of an absolute must. Of course, there are lots of ways to do this - ordering a beautiful cake, inviting friends and family, and most importantly, making sure that the guest of honor has a fabulous time - even if they aren’t going to remember it! If you’re looking to take your little one’s party to the next level though, try one of these ideas to elevate the party to a memorable milestone that everyone will love.

Ideas for your first birthday party


Many parents choose a theme for their child’s first birthday party, such as a favorite toy, character, or show. You can also choose color or pattern themes to guide the overall look of the party. Themed parties are great because they give you the opportunity to personalize the event and really make it about your baby, plus they take a lot of the guesswork out of planning. With a theme in place, you have a great starting point for your party planning, and choosing everything from the cake to the napkins to the decor becomes much simpler. Here are some cute themes to consider for your baby’s first birthday:

  • Peter Rabbit
  • Animals (barnyard, jungle, etc.)
  • Sports
  • Princesses
  • Cars, planes, boats
  • Butterflies and flowers

Happy Birthday CupcakeDecorations

Decorations will also play a big role in your baby’s party, because of course you’ll want to make the setting as festive as possible! With your theme as your guide, transform your space with fun and colorful banners, streamers, signs, confetti, and more. All of this will help give your just the right ambiance for your little one’s milestone party!

Cake for Baby

A cake is another must-have for any birthday party, but a first birthday calls for something a little different - a personal cake just for your baby. With a smaller, personal cake, your baby can dig right in to get his or her very first taste of this annual treat. There’s nothing cuter than a curious baby grabbing a fistful of birthday cake, so plan on ordering this smaller treat in addition to the larger cake that you’ll serve to guests.

Games and Activities

Planning a few fun games or other activities is another important party consideration. You’ll want to keep your guests baby in a ball roomentertained, and one way to do this is by keeping them busy and having fun. Try one of these age-appropriate activities to keep small guests happy:

  • Parade - Have the kiddos participate in their very own birthday party parade! Gather some dress-up clothes and some simple instruments like kazoos and tambourines, and let the kids have their choice of outfit and prop. Then it’s time to march!
  • Bubbles - Bubbles are fun for all ages, so grab enough bottles that each child can have their own. All you have to do next is release them into the backyard and let the fun begin.
  • Dance party - What’s a party without any dancing? Crank up the tunes and let the kids (and the adults!) bust a move! Or, turn it into a game by adding a few seats and playing Musical Chairs.

Goodie Bags

Once the games are played, the cake is eaten, and the presents have been opened, it’ll be time for everyone to start heading home. But you don’t want them to go home empty-handed, do you? Of course not! Send them off with a fun goodie bag that they can enjoy long after the party has ended. Fill it with yummy treats, stickers, or little toys, and add an extra-special touch by including a picture of your baby with a card thanking them for coming to celebrate.

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