Ideas For Where To Host A Baby Shower

Baby showers are some of the most joy filled occasions. You can have them just about anywhere you like. If you’re getting ready to start planning a baby shower for a friend, consider lots of options before deciding where to host it.

Many baby showers are held at someone’s home. This could be the home of the mother of the guest of honor or her mother in law. Proud Grammas to be often want to host a shower and will offer their houses. That’s one place to start.

If you don’t have the room at your own home, consider having it out at a local coffee house or tea room. A coffeehouse is a great atmosphere because it’s casual and low key and you can often make yourselves comfortable in a small section of the room. You won’t have catered fare, but if you want to have coffee and pastries without having to pay a rental fee or serve an expensive restaurant meal, this may be the place for you. Just be sure to check it out with the coffee house’s manager. You may even find they’ll make you a special dessert or throw in a little something extra for you.

A tea house is ideal if you can find one. They are rare in some areas and plentiful in others. If you are fortunate enough to live near one, set up your date and you practically have the whole party done for you. The atmosphere at a tea house is cozy and the food is bite sized. Depending on the tea house, you can also order more of a family style lunch or bigger sandwiches. They may even have a full menu you can choose from with heartier fare, but most ladies enjoy sipping tea with small cakes and finger sandwiches. Center your baby shower theme around whatever you are having there to work with.

If none of these options work for you, check out a local community center or historical site. Community centers are there for you, the community, to use. Many charge nothing or just a nominal donation fee. Many historical museums have rooms for the public to use. Aquariums and zoos do as well. You can set everything up and then enjoy the museum or aquatic or animal life too.

Many other venues exist that don’t charge a high fee, if anything at all. Having a baby shower at a restaurant during a non-busy time can almost ensure you the place to yourselves. Have it on a Wednesday afternoon or on a Friday at 11:00. If guests can’t take the time off, choose a weekday time right after work when the restaurant will still be less crowded rather than a Saturday or Sunday.

There’s no limit to the ideas you can come up with when you really start thinking. Don’t forget about beach side clambakes or outdoor parks if your climate allows for it. Set up the feast on picnic tables and play Frisbee and bring all the kids. Don't forget the baby shower favors! It can be a fun day that includes everyone.

For other ideas, ask recent moms at the park or playground where their baby showers were held. You may just hear of a place you never knew existed. It’s worth it to ask for word of mouth recommendations. You never know what may turn up.

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