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Its A Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Published July 23, 2009        by Kim

Now that you have decided to honor the new mother with a pretty in pink, “It’s A Girl” baby shower, there are a number of ways to let your party guests know.You can choose a fill-in type shower invitation, a personalized shower invitation where all the information is filled in for you by professional printers, or you can create a handmade shower invitation for each guest.The handmade invitations will take more time to make, but if you are creative and have the time, this is a great way for guests to find out the shower theme!Check out our fine assortment of personalized baby shower invitations that include matching thank you cards – buy the thank you cards and give them to your mommy-to-be as both a thoughtful gift and a pretty way to carry your theme from beginning to end.

Your invitation must include the date and time of the shower, as well as the shower location (include directions for any out-of-town guests).It is important to mention the guest of honor’s name, especially if you are a friend of the mother-to-be because some of her guests may not recognize your name as the hostess.You may opt to include the nursery or baby shower theme, any type of dress code (Sunday best or casual clothing), what type of refreshments will be included (light lunch, dessert or tea) and any stores where mom has registered for gifts.

If you are creating your own invitation, you can use construction paper or card stock and cut it into the shape of a baby face.If you are really creative, you can use a pink base and attach the cardstock to the base using baby pins or baby-themed scrapbooking supplies – just keep in mind that if you are using heavier items (such as rivets, brads or medallions) on your invitation you may need additional postage.Take the invitations directly to the post office so you are certain they won’t be held up in the mail.You can include a cute little poem as the introduction on your invitation.

Some examples are listed below:

Tea parties, baby dolls and pretty pink clothes,

This time it’s a girl dressed in ribbons and bows!

A little princess will soon be joining the Johnson castle,

You are invited to welcome her royal highness at a shower!

Soft as a whisper, so precious and sweet,

Tiny perfection from her head to her feet!

You should plan on sending out invitations 2-3 weeks in advance of the shower, and request that guests RSVP a week before the shower.The more guests you invite, the more important it is to receive RSVP’s so you will have enough seating, food and refreshments.Include the mommy-to-be when choosing a shower date and making out the invitation list; be sure to invite her sisters, mother, mother-in-law, as well as any close friends, neighbors and co-workers.If you find that your guest list is too long, ask the mommy-to-be which group of people should be left out.When you include the guest of honor in the planning process, your It’s A Girl baby shower is sure to be a success!

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