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Jungle Theme Baby Shower Food

Published February 14, 2012        by Sarah

Is it up to you to throw a baby shower for your friend or relative? If so, why not wow them with a jungle baby shower theme.

There are so many different ways that you can create a jungle theme from the decorations to the food and drink.

The most common baby shower food consists of cake, cookies, chips, peanuts, and mints. There is usually punch served at the baby shower too. If you are going to use a jungle theme, you can be a little more creative in the shapes and the foods that you choose.

Here is a common list of baby shower foods and how you can make them into animal shapes to serve your guests.

Turn boring cookies into jungle animals

Instead of buying or making a traditional round cookie, you can make the cookies with animal shapes. Monkeys, hippos, lions, tigers, and zebras are the most common jungle themed animals and you can purchase these animals cookie cutters online. You can make a simple peanut better cookie or sugar cookie in animal shapes. Decorate the cookies with an animal face to give it a realistic look. If you don’t have time to bake the cookies and make the animal shapes then buy the shaped animal cookies at almost any store.

Sandwiches and more

Depending on what time your party is, you may want to serve finger sandwiches. Use your animal cookie cutters to create animal shaped finger sandwiches. You can also do animal shaped Jello in different colors.


You will need desserts for your party and there are several ways to incorporate the jungle theme into the food. Monkeys love bananas and so does your guests. Make frozen banana pops by taking a banana and placing it on a stick. Dip the banana into chocolate and then roll it in nuts. Buy some Styrofoam to poke holes into so you can stand up the banana popsicles while they harden in the freezer.

Trail mix is always a good food to serve at any party. You can rename it “Monkey Mix” so it will match with the theme. Add dried banana chips, coconut, peanuts, raisins, and sunflower seeds to a large bowl and mix it together.

No baby shower would be complete without a cake. You need to have a jungle themed cake as well. You can have the cake professionally made or you can make it yourself by finding a customized jungle themed cake pan. Bake the cake a day ahead of time so you have time to make another one if it doesn’t turn out right.

How you organize the food also affects how people feel about it. You want to create a jungle theme so to do that you can cut several leaves out of green construction paper. These leaves need to be rather large in size but you can have several different sizes to make it look authentic. Place the leaves all over the table. Display the animal crackers and cookies in the middle of the table and everything else around it.

With a few clever additions and creativity, you'll have pulled off a wonderful baby shower theme that even the pickiest guest will enjoy.

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