Kids Gift Baskets - The Perfect Idea For Any Occasion

Dora kids gift basketIt can be difficult to find just the right gift for a child.  You may not know what he already has, what others are getting him, if he still loves dinosaurs and superheroes.  You may not be familiar with children his age.  Whatever the reason, it can be a challenge – even when you’re shopping for your own children!  Kids gift baskets are an ideal solution.  You can fill them with goodies that appeal to children and give him the gift of variety!  This can be a great, and much less expensive, alternative to buying the trendy toy of the moment and hoping he likes it.  Here are some tips for creating the perfect gift basket for any occasion.

  • Choose a theme, if appropriate.  Are you making a Get Well basket, Easter basket, Christmas, Birthday, or new Big Brother/Sister basket?  Do you want to design a basket around a particular theme, such as sports, movies, games, the beach, camping/outdoors, dinosaurs, farm animals, or something else the child may be interested in?  This can help focus your shopping – which can help keep you from overspending.
  • Consider the age of the child. If you have no idea what a seven year old would like, ask someone!  Ask a friend with a child around the same age, or ask the recipient’s parents. Ask what the child plays with most and what types of activities he likes.  You can also make a more “general” gift basket for a child that you don’t know as well that includes kid-friendly items, including crayons, markers, drawing paper, stickers, and other supplies. It needs to be age-appropriate for two reasons: one, you don’t want an older kid to be bored by the gift or feel it is too babyish and, two, you don’t want to give a younger child toys or items that are dangerous for his age.
  • Keep your budget in check. Hit the dollar store, and stock up on inexpensive, fun items.

Say you wanted to make a basket for a toddler or preschooler.  An easy theme is beach time fun or bath time fun.  For the beach, for instance, fill the basket (or even better, a mesh carrying basket or pail) with supplies for a trip to the beach.  You can include: shovels, sand toys, a blow-up tube or floatie, some fun sunglasses, a hat or visor, beach ball, Frisbee, bubbles and wands, and a kid-size bottle of sunscreen.  You can be done for well under $20, and this is a great, useful gift.

What about those hard-to-shop-for older kids?  If the child likes art, you can make a basket filled with supplies that an older kid will appreciate, including (depending on the age) glitter glue, stencils, watercolors or acrylic paints and brushes, art paper, glitter pens, color change markers, window crayons, pipe cleaners, pompoms, and other craft project supplies.  If she/he likes sports, try including Nerf balls, a spongy Nerf dart shooter, yo-yos, stomp rockets or rocket balloons, Frisbee, Velcro catching game, interesting kite, boomerang, some bubble gum, and some Gatorade.

If all else fails and you are stuck for ideas, you can be assured that food is usually a universal child-pleasure.  Fill a basket with goodies, including candy, cookies, pretzels, trail mix, hot cocoa packets, flavored popcorn, and other treats.  This way, his mom and dad can share!

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, gift baskets are a great way to get un-stuck.  You can look for inspiration online or from pre-made baskets and use those ideas to create your own, inexpensive basket.

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