Kids Halloween Party Favor Ideas

wax fangs Kids Halloween Party Favor IdeasSend your little goblins home with interesting and amusing party favors. Depending on the age group of the children at your party, you can tailor these ideas to fit.

Wax fangs and lips

The wax candy of yesteryear is back. Offer wax fangs and lips for guests to take home. They can go around scaring each other and then chew the wax. There are also other shapes that come filled with a sugary liquid that kids love.  The ones shown to the right are available at

Pumpkin Containers

Dollar stores and discount stores sell two-piece pumpkin-shaped containers just perfect for filling with treats. You’ll find them in every size imaginable. Fill them with all kinds of Halloween candy gifts. Or, get creative with what you fill them with. Online stores offer Halloween toys in bulk. You can include plastic monsters or ghouls or erasers in Halloween shapes and messages.

Silly Bands

Halloween is the perfect time to add to kids’ Silly Band collections. These shaped rubber bands come in every design and color you can think of. For Halloween, you’ll find them in the shapes of witches hats, ghosts, pumpkins, cats and more. They come in packs by theme and are very inexpensive. Kids love to trade them with each other.


Raid the shelves at the dollar store at Halloween time, and you will find adorable bendable characters in the shape of skeletons, witches and more. These bendables are so much fun to offer as part of a goody bag. The stores will also have the bags in Halloween themes.


Stickers and sticker tattoos are hot this year. Offer Halloween themed stickers by the roll or individually. Fill up a goody bag with all kinds of stickers and add in some Halloween erasers and pencils.

Halloween Caramel Apple Kids Halloween Party Favor IdeasCaramel Apples

You can make or buy caramel apples that are rich and delicious treats. You can buy them dipped in everything from nuts to chocolate chips to pretzels. You can easily make them yourself and dip them in sprinkles, walnuts or anything else you like. Create a delicious Halloween caramel apple by wrapping  each one in cellophane with a pretty orange bow for kids to take home to eat.


Set a table aside to hold an abundance of mini pumpkins. You can buy the gourds that look like mini pumpkins or small sugar pumpkins. As kids leave they can take home a small pumpkin as a favor. Or, as part of the party, have supplies ready for kids to decorate their pumpkins without cutting. They can use paints, markers, glue, googly eyes, felt and more. Then, they get to take home their creations as party favors.

Glow Prizes

Anything that glows is hot for Halloween. You can now find inexpensive glow sticks that are shaped as necklaces, bracelets, wands, swords, headbands and more. They come in an array of colors perfect for the night. They don’t start glowing until you crack the seal inside by bending them. Kids can take them home and use them for Trick or Treating. Or you can shut off the lights and have an all-glow party.

Passes to Fun

Many places will give you a pack of passes for free entry for kids. Try roller skating rinks, bowling alleys, kid gyms and theme parks. Many times they’ll offer you a whole book of coupons that you can pass out as fun favors for kids.

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