Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas
Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

Making Easy, Spooked-Out Foods

Kids love gooey, grossed out treats at Halloween time, so don't disappoint them. The weirder the better when it comes to making the party food for your kid-friendly Halloween party. Use your imagination, and even ask your kids if they have any ideas. You might just be surprised what they come up with!

Here are a few ideas for some clever and spooky Halloween treats that will have the children wanting more! Oh, and also included are some ways to not be so spooky as well, for the faint of heart of course.

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

Krispy Brains

And Other Tricky Tastes

You can make just about anything with Rice Krispy treats. Shape them into "brains" by cutting two semi-circles and sticking them together and rounding them out.

Or, you can use cookie cutters and make them into shapes like pumpkins or cats. Cut out ghost shapes and dust with powdered sugar. Put them on sticks for even more fun and stand them up in a hallowed out pumpkin.

Dirt & Worm Treats


Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

Yuck and Yum

Want to make eyeballs out of hard boiled eggs? Here's how to do it. Cut in half and use a black jelly bean in the center for the pupil and red frosting for bloodshot veins. Arrange on a tray and they'll look like an eerie collection of eyes staring up at you.

Image by zak greant on Flickr

Another option is to simply decorate the hard boiled eggs as eyes (or with eye stickers) and leave them in the carton. Either way, they will look abnormally delicious.

Decorated Halloween Cookies

Decorate your Own Cookies

Creatively Creepy

Kids love to play with frosting and edible decorations. Arrange a cookie decorating station. Have lots of Halloween shaped cookies on hand like cats, pumpkins, ghosts, and witches hats.

Tint white frosting with orange food coloring in one bowl and black in another.

You can purchase Halloween colored food dyes at craft or discount stores. Lay out candy sprinkles, tiny chocolate chips, jelly beans, M&Ms and other goodies on a table in small bowls.

Let kids use plastic knives to decorate their own Halloween treats.

Bread Dough Ghouls

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

Extra Spook Points

Use store bought rolled bread dough (breadsticks or biscuits both work) to make an assortment of ghoulish goblins. Make snakes, witches, cats, ghosts, pumpkins, monsters and more by shaping the dough and baking it. It's also fun to make mummies by wrapping the dough around hot dogs and baking.

Image by Saratogajean on Flickr

You can also form the dough into fingers and then stand them up in a bowl for a scary effect. Offer a few dipping sauces like whole berry cranberry sauce to look like congealed blood and other gross substances.

Gross Finger Foods

Jell-O Wobblers

Jello Brain halloween party food idea
Image by skippy on Flickr

Halloween's Favorite Food

Anything that jiggles can be made gross for Halloween treats. You can get brain-shaped molds that you fill with liquid Jell-O and unmold when set. Arrange on a platter with a knife for a really grotesque but fun creation. You can make lots of other things out of Jell-O too.

Try eyeballs with round or egg-shaped molds and more. Every year at the holidays, there are new molds that arrive on store shelves that are made for this purpose.

You can also use Halloween ice cube trays to mold your Halloween Jell-O in too. Get creative, there's plenty of ways to make it festive.

Floating Punch

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

I've Got My Eyes On You

Want to quench their thirst in a fun and festive way? Don't worry, no mummies were harmed in the making of this spooky drink. Red juice in a punch bowl is a great canvas for a revolting brew that kids will love.

Image courtesy of Editor B on Flickr

Float eyeballs (watermelon balls with a black olive on top of each) or fingers made of pineapple sticks with a cherry nail. The sky's the limit. Just make sure everything is edible.

Making Spooky Snacks

Normally Delicious

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

Sanely Scrumptious

If you don't want to go gross or strange, have on hand gourmet caramel apples, apple cider, and popcorn. Favorites of Fall always make great Halloween party treats.

Image by psyberartist on Flickr

You can also serve individual pizzas that have a little stem on them (made of dough) to look like little pumpkins.

Have marshmallows on hand and lollipop sticks so kids can create their own ghosts by stacking the marshmallows. Offer fluff for them to dip them in for a floating goo effect.

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