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Kids Halloween Party Games

Published September 16, 2015        by Matt

 	 Kids Halloween Party Games

Halloween Games For Children of all Ages

Kids Halloween Party Games

No kids Halloween party is complete without Halloween games. In this post, I've put together not only some of my favorite printable games, but also some reusable mail order games like the spider ring toss, and some virtually FREE Halloween games like the mummy wrap or stay dry apple bobbing game.

Utilize any of these games and the kids at your Halloween party are sure to have a "Spook"-tacular time!

Photo courtesy of Tammra at Flickr

Printable Halloween Party Games

Printable games are a great choice for kids Halloween parties. And best of all, you just buy, download, and print straight from your computer. No running around looking for fun games and no waiting. They are the perfect solution if you are running short on time... maybe your Halloween party is tomorrow for instance :)

I love the Deluxe Halloween Game Package which comes with over 50 different printable Halloween and harvest themed games. The package includes a 90 day pass where you can pick and print as many games as you like as many times as you'd like. There are games for both kids and adults. Things like Halloween bingo, harvest word scrambles, costume match games and so much more.

"Stay Dry" Apple Bobbing

Kids Halloween Party Games

I was reading my latest issue of Southern Living magazine and saw this fun idea for a kids Halloween party. Best of all, the kids can bob for apples without all the mess that comes along with a traditional bobbing for apples game. You skip the water and instead suspend the apples from trees in the yard with string.

Image by Southern Living

Simply buy apples with long stems and tie long strings to the stem of each apple. Hang the apples from a swing set or tree being sure to trim and vary the string lengths so that the apples are approximately at the height of the kids' mouths. Remember, no hands allowed! The first child that grabs an apple in their mouth wins the game (if you want to have a winner). Otherwise, you can play until every child gets an apple.

If you want to watch a video with step-by-step instructions for setting up the game, visit Southern Living.

Dress The Mummy Game

Pumpkin Bowling

Kids Halloween Party Games

Who doesn't love bowling? This game has always been a hit at both kid and adult Halloween parties that we've attended over the years. It is best to play this game outside and it is even better when you can have 3 or 4 "lanes" of bowling going on simultaneously. That way, you can break party guests into bowling teams. You'll need small pumpkins and a set of bowling pins for each "lane". If you want, you can create lanes from hay bales like shown in the photo, paint lanes in the grass, or just have pretend lanes.

Likely, you won't have 3 or 4 sets of real plastic bowling pins so you can use 2 liter bottles as a substitution for the pins. You'll need to save up 30 or 40 empty 2 liter bottles for the game so enlist your neighbors, friends, co-workers or family in the saving of soda bottles.

Before the party, paint the empty plastic bottles white or orange and paint or draw (with black sharpies) jack-o-lantern or ghost faces on each of them. To keep the bottles stable during the game, fill the bottles about a 1/4 to 1/3 of the way full with sand or pebbles.

If you are having a smaller party or a party with little kids, you can set up one bowling lane and give each child a chance to roll a pumpkin. If they get a strike, they win a prize and get to go again. Basically, you can make the "rules" whatever you want to make the game fun for the set of people at your party.

The use of pumpkins as bowling balls make this game hilarious - you never know where the pumpkin will end up! This would be a fun game for adults attending a pumpkin patch baby shower too. What a great baby shower theme idea when you are hosting a shower during the fall season.

Photo from CommonDataStorage

Kids Halloween Party Games

This video goes through a couple stand-by Halloween games like scary story game or the marshmallow on a string game or the reach in the box game where kids try to figure out what is inside the box.

Halloween Eyeball Bounce

Kids Halloween Party Games

Think back to the days of playing beer-pong in college. This is the kids version of that game.

You'll need a plastic tablecloth or floor-covering if playing this game inside, a set of plastic orange glasses (or small pumpkins that have been gutted), and plastic ping-pong balls that have been painted to look like eyeballs (or buy a set already painted from Amazon). You can create the eyeballs on the ping pong balls using markers as well. Use black for the pupil and don't forget to add red blood shot veins to the eyes too.

This game really works best on a ping-pong table, but any large table or even hardwood floors will do. On one end of the table set-up 10 pumpkins or a set of orange cups in a pyramid type pattern. Then have the kids stand at the far end of the table. The goal is to bounce the eyeballs (one bounce) into one of the cups or pumpkins.

You can designate each cup a different prize or give prizes for a certain number of balls that land inside cups/pumpkins. The rules and related prizes are really up to you.

Halloween Spider Web Toss

Kids Halloween Party Games

Don't Forget The Game Prizes!

When it comes to prizes for the Halloween games, I like to have a wide variety of choices and values. That said, prizes don't have to break the bank. Any sort of homemade baked treat like cut-out Halloween cookies or bat-shaped brownies (cut with a cookie cutter) are a great choice.

I also love hitting the local dollar store to pick up little things like Halloween tattoos, monster stickers, Halloween treat gift bags to fill with candy, little plastic bugs, and other cheap Halloween themed items. By having a bunch of cheap items, virtually everyone can be a winner.

In addition to the games, it is a good idea to have a Halloween costume contest for the kids. You'll be surprised at just how creative the children (and their parents) can be. For the costume contest, I usually give out a ribbon along with a larger prize such as a kids Halloween gift basket or a pumpkin filled with fun-size candy bars.

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