Ladybug Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Ladybug Themed Baby Shower

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Ladybug Themed Baby Shower

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Plan The Best Ladybug Themed Baby Shower!

Ladybug showers are popular when spring is beginning to emerge and for summer garden party showers when a little baby girl is on the way. In this post, I give some ideas and provide resources for making the entire event ladybug themed from the invites to the baby shower party favors. I also include some clever ideas for food and games to keep your guests entertained.

If you'd like to share any of your ideas for a ladybug baby shower, please leave tips and suggestions in the comments.

Ladybug Baby Shower Invites

Ladybug Baby Shower Invites

The baby shower invitations give your guests the first clue as to what the shower theme is for the upcoming event. When it comes to the invitations, you have several options:

1) Buy fully customized invites online that include all of the details printed on high quality card stock such as the ladybug invitations shown in the photo to the right. Keep in mind that this type of invitation can be expensive with invitations costing from $1 to $3 each.

2) Buy fill-in invitations where you write in the date, time, location, hostess name, RSVP and other shower details. These invitations are usually sold in sets and are a much more affordable option. However, keep in mind that if you are having a large shower, it will take a long time to hand-write all the details in each and every invite.

3) Create your own ladybug themed shower invitation either on your computer or by using craft supplies. You can create the invitation shown below by following the instructions from the Kids Birthday Party Guide website. Although the invite shown is for a birthday party, the concept can easily be adjusted for a baby shower.

For fully customized invitations, PrintsWell has a wide selection of fun ladybug themed invites.

Baby Shower Partyware

Baby Shower Partyware

When it comes to the partyware and decorations for a ladybug themed party, think black, white and red. Buy streamers and balloons with that color scheme. Place a solid red tablecloth on the table and then add black round dots crafted from construction paper or felt to the tablecloth to create a fun red background with black dots. If this is a spring or summer party, add some red gerbera daisies or geraniums in flower pots and add some plastic ladybugs from the party store to the tabletop as well.

To take it a step further, you can purchase ladybug themed baby shower tableware such as plates, napkins and beverage cups at many online companies and local party shops.

Finally, buy or make a ladybug themed diaper cake like the one shown above to double as both the decorative centerpiece during the shower and as the gift for Mom and baby.

Party Stuff on Amazon

 Ladybug Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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 Ladybug Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Ladybug Themed Food Ideas

Ladybug Themed Food Ideas

Like the decorations, the food for a ladybug shower should center around the red and black color scheme. For punch, consider making your favorite red-colored punch recipe, buy some red Hi-C punch, or make red raspberry iced tea. Place the beverage in a punch bowl and float black plastic re-usable ice 'cubes' in the punch. You can find the re-usable ice cubes at party supply shops.

For food, try some of these red ideas:

  • Red jello salads
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Red fruit trays with strawberries, red-skin apples, raspberries, and watermelon along with cream cheese strawberry fruit dip
  • Veggie trays with sliced red peppers, black olives, radishes, and cherry tomatoes with dip
  • Mini pizzas with pepperoni and black olive toppings has a clever recipes for this theme. I found these fun ladybugs on a stick with instructions on how to make them here.

For desserts, check out the cake and cupcake ideas below or consider making M&M cookies except use only red M&M's and chocolate chips for the black dots.

Photo Credit: Flickr Glorious Treats

Ladybug Baby Shower Cakes

Ladybug Baby Shower Cakes
Images by

The round shape of a ladybug make it one of the easiest baby shower themes when it comes to creating a magnificent cake or plate of cupcakes. For cupcakes, it can be as simple as making a batch of cupcakes from store bought batter and tinting store bought frosting red. Frost the cupcakes, add some chocolate chips or junior mints as the dots and use some black licorice for the antennae.

The best online resource I've found is where you can find instructions and photos for 12 different ladybug themed desserts including cakes, cupcakes, cookies and candies. The photo above shows just a few of the Wilton designs.

Animated Ladybug Cake Video

Ladybug Dessert Supplies on Amazon

Ladybug Baby Shower Game Ideas

Ladybug Baby Shower Game Ideas

Incorporating the black and red color scheme or the ladybug theme into the baby shower game ideas is essential. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing...

Guess How Many Game - Get a large clear jar or container and fill it with a mixture of red and black jelly beans (count them as you put them in). Have the guests guess how many ladybug beans are in the jar. The guests closest without going over the actual number wins the prize.

Printable Games - Printable games such as Bridal Shower Bingo are a great option for creating themed ideas for your baby shower. You can buy the 5 games shown in the photo at Simply Stuff.

Musical Dots - A twist on the musical chairs game. Make big red circles covered in black dots out of construction paper and lay them in a big circle on the floor. There should be one less dot than the number of guests. Once the music starts, guests go round and round until the music stops when they must sit on the closest dot. The guest without a dot is out of the game. Another dot is removed and the music starts again. The game goes on and on until just one player is left sitting on the last dot and they win the prize.

Pin the Ladybug on the Pot or Pin the Dot on the Ladybug - Either of these games are a twist on the classic childhood pin the tail on the donkey game. You will need to either make a large pot or large red ladybug out of construction paper or draw it on poster board and place it eye level on the wall. Then give each guest either a small paper ladybug or black dot and blindfold them. The player that pins the ladybug or the dot closest to the mark on the poster board wins the prize.

Ladybug Hunt - A twist on a classic Easter egg hunt. For this game, either buy some small plastic ladybugs or make your own out of rocks or red marbles painted with black dots and hide them around the room or house where the shower will be (don't forget the bathroom). When guests arrive at the party, show them a sample ladybug and tell them that whoever has found the most ladybugs by the end of the party wins a prize. It is great fun hiding the little buggers and seeing just how many get found!

Ladybug Baby Shower Favors

Ladybug Baby Shower Favors

Some easy DIY favor ideas include:

  1. Fill baby bottles with red and black jelly beans.
  2. Place red candles or ladybug shaped soaps inside cellophane bags and tie them with black ribbon.
  3. Buy ladybug favor bags or make your own by purchasing red favor bags and coloring little black dots on them. Fill them with foil-covered chocolate ladybugs, flower seed packets, and other fun little ladybug themed items that you find at your local party supply shop.

For any do-it-yourself favor, you can add a custom touch by purchasing personalized ladybug favor tags.

If you aren't the crafty type or are running short on time, another great option is to buy ladybug baby girl shower favors either online or at a local party supply shop. I found some adorable choices with personalization such as lip balm favors, hand cream and even travel candles. Just do a search at Google... you'll be amazed at all the fun stuff you can find to buy online and use for your favors!

 Ladybug Themed Baby Shower IdeasLady Bug Themed Gift Ideas

Lady Bug Themed Gift Ideas

There are so many cute ladybug themed gift ideas online!

All the shower guests will think you are oh-so-clever when you can actually theme your gift around the shower too! The gifts shown above are for older children and may be more appropriate for a kids birthday party. However a quick search on google yielded some other great ideas. In fact, I found an ENTIRE store dedicated to selling ladybug products called The Ladybug Shop. They have apparel, rattles, toys and blankets that are ladybug themed for baby.

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