Law School Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Day

What do you get a new lawyer for graduation? After years of hitting the books, they’ll need a refreshing break. Your graduation gifts can be just what they need.

The Gift of Relaxation

How about a gift to a spa nearby? Chances are they’ve been hunched over the library tables studying for so long they forgot what it’s like to have a pain-free back and shoulders. Get them a massage or a full spa day. You can include a full package for a manicure for the lady graduate or a facial and pedicure as well. Hot stone massages are always a nice relaxing treat.

See what your local spa offers. Many include a discount if you purchase more than one package, so be sure to ask. You might even offer to go with them to keep them company and share the day with them in celebration of their accomplishment.

If you have a tight budget, there's no harm in purchasing a few items to create a relaxation gift basket with pampering items like body lotions, candles, bubble bath, bath bombs, and whatever else you want to tuck in there.

A New Suit or Briefcase

Lawyers need to present a polished image in court. So why not offer to purchase a new suit for them? You can take them with you to a department store and have them select what they like. Make a day of it and have lunch.  Another idea is to present them with a gift certificate to a high end department store and they can browse when they have time.

A leather briefcase is always a good choice as is a cart with wheels that they can use to cart their client files in and out of court. Both of these are available at higher end stores. You can select a neutral leather option in black or grey or burgundy to be sure it will blend well with whatever they are wearing on a given day. You will be helping them get ahead in their profession by allowing them to show up like a polished professional. Be sure to check out the return policy on your purchase in case it needs to be exchanged or returned for any reason.

Treat Them to Dinner

Gift cards to upscale restaurants or boutiques are always nice treats. After years of scrimping to get through law school, your graduate will love to splurge a little on themselves. Think about fine restaurants that you’d want to dine in and go in and ask for a gift certificate.

The better the restaurant, the less likely they will offer a publicized gift card, so you’ll have to ask for a hand-written gift certificate. They’ll happily sell one to you.

A New Watch or Jewelry

When in doubt, a watch or jewelry is always a good choice. You may not be in the market to spend hundreds of dollars, but a simple diamond on a silver necklace or a better watch with an engraving on it will make very tasteful presents.

Check online at retailers like You can get great deals on closeout merchandise at fabulous prices. No one will know you didn’t pay retail price for your lovely congratulations gift.

Don't Forget the Card

Show you care about your law school graduate with a nice card as well. Write a quote inside it or well-wishes and include it with your gift. If you are shipping your gift, be sure to track it so your valuable present doesn’t wind up in transit limbo.  Also, always check any return policies before purchasing a major item or gift.

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