Letter to the Lonely

How many different emotions are stirred by the approach of the Christmas season? Some can scarcely realize that it is Christmas again, so swiftly do the years fly when one is happy and busy. Others feel that they have lived an eternity since last Christmas Eve, so much has happened in the time, so many changes have come into their lives. Truly life is measured in heart throbbing and not in figures on a dial.

What changes has the past year brought in your life? Many are doubtless facing for the first time all the hardships of pioneer life. You almost dread Christmas; it will be so different from any Christmas. You will miss more than ever the dear friends you have left, and you will think of them all together - you alone missing.

Others are dreading Christmas time because a lonely grave on the prairie holds all that is left of one who was the light and seasonal joy of your home just a year ago. Your Christmas vision is a vacant chair, a desolated home and a grave. May the Kind Healer of all human 'sorrow help you to be strong, for your burden is heavy.

"Peace on earth and good will to men." That is our Christmas motto, which can be lived just as nobly in a shanty on the lonely prairie as it can in the largest city in the world. There are many lonely hearts and some bitter ones; cannot you bring peace to them?

Make special preparation for the Christmas season. You may not be able to spend any extra money. Well, never mind. Give the house an extra cleaning, and bake some gourmet cookies, or if you cannot do that, dress a little better yourself. Make Christmas candy for the children; only be sure to do something to mark the day and make it different from all the rest. You may try to forget, but you cannot. There is something about the ages old custom of Christmas that you cannot get away from.

Do not spend Christmas alone. There is always someone who would be very glad to celebrate Christmas with you. On the one day do not think only of your own pleasure, but think of the one who needs remembrance. "Peace on earth," that is your motto, and also "good will to men." Open your home to the one who needs you and you will be living the Christmas teaching.

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